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Gold and silver bulls should buy now, the trust shows how it's done!

Gold in the Decision!

While the stock markets have staged a more than exaggerated rally in recent weeks, pushing them to new highs for the year 23, there is still the possibility of a double top forming that would ultimately allow only one direction: down . (here HZ on X). Investors are only unsure about gold and silver.

The year-end rally could at least still be ongoing in gold and silver, especially after Jerome Powell has announced interest rate cuts again for 2024 (critics warn that these are only coming because of the crash planned by Powell)


Behind the relatively strong gold price are the bullish fundamental forecasts for gold (and silver) (many central banks regularly buy gold on a large scale because they know that they are in the debt endgame) and these already see significantly higher forecasts for next year Price levels for gold, as this cup n handle pattern that we often showed back then suggests. (Otavio (Tavi) Costa on X)

Some see gold in its third bull run since 2015, which could reach $15,000 per ounce in the next two years in the next price breakout.

Read the following article here on Zerohedge .

Rafi Farber, on the other hand, seems to follow our last article having read about a possible deflationary event and rightly points out that both hyperinflation and hyperdeflation would ultimately lead to a mandatory revaluation and explosion in purchasing power of gold and silver as soon as the process of debt destruction is final would be completed and which we are heading straight towards.

Especially with silver, what we call the solar plexus of the world financial system, the effect of revaluing silver as money would be even greater.

Silver is not only an indispensable consumable in electronics but has always been money in the true sense over the centuries.

We see silver as the most manipulated material of our time, with a price of $25 at HALF the price of the previous highs in 1980 and 2011, which is simply absurd given the expansion of debt money that has taken place since then appears.

In addition, the current unnaturally distorted gold and silver ratio of 1:80 and more, which in its natural state is 1:15 (some even say 1:7 or even 1:4 ) would be, makes any purchase price between 20 and 30 euros an ounce appear simply cheap, since a real silver price (in the sense of purchasing power) cannot be achieved through paper trading would be distorted, would be incomparably higher.

Without the current manipulation of gold and silver prices, it would not have been possible to sell people the illusion of credit money as real money.

A possible price of 15,000 euros per ounce of gold and 1000-2000 euros per ounce of silver (measured against the real ratio) could give everyone an idea of what would await us in a revaluation and explosion in purchasing power and what simply makes each of the current entry prices attractive makes appear.

More risk-taking investors, on the other hand, can still expect falling prices speculate but only God knows whether these will come and how low it will ultimately go or whether the prices will already break through upwards and lower prices will appear forever and never again.

At least we have pointed out the possibility of prices falling sharply, even if it seems absurd to many due to the general conditions, but in the end everyone has to judge this for themselves and a good time to start is measured at the historical point in time and at what is to come in the larger perspective, always now.

The fact is that after a compelling reassessment of the question of what real money is, in the end it's all about grams and then the following question arises:

how many grams have you already put on at this moment?

And more importantly:

What does the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust has anything to do with it?

It is important to understand that we have the Ephraim National Gold & We founded Silver Trust because we assume that the credit money will soon receive its temporal blessing, that also according to the Bible, which is the highest law of the Pope, the Pontifex Maximus and highest lawmaker on earth, who has to leave, only gold and silver are real money, which is easy to see from history, which is why central banks also buy extremely high levels of gold because they know that this is the basis the creation of money lies.

In order to set up a sustainable and stable money cycle that is able to generate sustainable trade and exchange between nations and peoples, the gold-silver cover is required indispensable in the background, the possibility of which we have created with the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust.

This will not only end the perverted distortion of wealth, but also, for example, the sick excesses of the armaments industry, where millions worth of assets, which are only backed by paper, are incited against each other in mutual destruction and in their new investments only a few people fill their pockets.

By tying our company shares in various companies registered with the trust to silver or gold (each certificate registered and issued with the trust, which regulates the company shares, is issued to cover one gram of silver or gold). a sustainable investment secured.

There will be a constant exchange ratio formed in trade, which will provide the market with what he really needs and not what speculation on the pure expansion or contraction of the credit money supply provides in order to make profits created out of nothing, only from one's own position in the pyramid and insider knowledge, but without creating real values.

The backing of company shares with silver will not only change the form of investment, but also the trade between the various companies and goods that are measured in silver and gold, even if that >Gold and silver ratio will settle in its natural ratio.

The creation of the individual trust members' own and personal holdings or the entire trust deposit provides unsaleable protection against impoverishment and insolvency, since the concentrated holdings represent the national wealth of all, which is stored in the common pot.

The moment when humanity finally awakens to the fact that this common depot of the nations is ultimately intended for Jerusalem and the Bible has already been fulfilled all along and we only have it at the end of days the masses will flock to the Trust and join Ephraim's trading system and solution.

Then the world will be a better place.

You can join in today.

The silver holdings of the trust, which manages the holdings of its members, currently stand at 227,279.89 kg and the gold holdings at 1,803.64 kg.

You can find all of the trust's silver and gold-backed certificates in the trust exchange for members.

Our Trust S certificate, which is backed by one gram of silver, is available today for just €0.81, and a Trust G certificate, which is backed by one gram of gold is covered, is already available today for €69.97.

You can also find the certificates of our company-linked and Zion-centered companies in the trust exchange for trust account holders. Each company certificate is secured with the purchase of one gram of silver, which is credited to your own portfolio.

Kosher new ventures are accepted by the trust and we offer every entrepreneur the best conditions to prepare for the new era and collect investments.

The trust account gives you access to our weight account, where you can physically purchase gold and silver in grams and at the LBMA spot price with only a small markup, an unbeatable service in our opinion without comparison.

Here you can create an account for a one-time fee of 100 euros if you already have an Ephi card. Jews only need to present their Tudadseut and can use it to create the trust account.

Attention! With a trust account you can also buy our silver TempleCoin in the member area at a discount for just 13 euros per piece!

Here you can order your Ephi-Card at the same time, if you don't have one yet, to create the trust account:


You can find our physical products, which everyone should have in their depot, here:

25 Oz silver bars currently only 777 euros!

A great bargain at the current price of silver!

Incredible: After testing by a customer, the result was: Highest silver content in our products compared to common, well-known and large manufacturers, such as Maple Leaf and others!

Here are the 3 editions of our TempleCoin, the payment for the Temple of God, which has already been accepted by the Jewish Sanhedrin as   Machatzit HaShekel (as the biblical half-shekel of Moses) is accepted.

A few of the second edition are still available.

Here is the latest edition of Templecoin:

Our popular 1g GoldCard, a piece of heavenly Jerusalem:

Here you can have your coins sent to the priest according to the order of Melchizedek:

Here you can have your coins sent to the Sanhedrin Initiative.

The coins were recently distributed to the Israeli soldiers by the Sanhedrin Initiative: Strengthen the soldiers morally so that after the end of the war they can fulfill the commandment to submit their coin for the annual census or use your coins to strengthen the structure of the Sanhedrin in a Jewish way Page:

Here you can make a basic donation to help establish the Sanhedrin as the highest Torah court so that the world can finally be ruled from Jerusalem again:

I hope everyone sees the need to get involved and take responsibility in preparing for the greatest event in history.

Check out the TempleCoin Shop for more exciting products , e.g. the possibility of having the TempleCoin embossed with your own motif and much more.


"Gold doesn't change. It's just the world around it that changes.


Historic, Gold in Decision. (azogar on x)

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