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TempleCoins for the Sanhedrin!

TempleCoin supports the re-establishment of the Sanhedrin after nearly 2000 years, for the installation of a fair court according to Torah and Prophets, to bring the promises of God to earth

After the failure of the first generation of various rabbis in Israel to establish a functional Sanhedrin,

we of the nation of Ephraim are grateful,

that Rabbi Yosef Edery of the Chabad Lubavitch has taken responsibility for this in the Holy Land and is already gathering judges and advisors to the Sanhedrin to build a functioning court according to Torah and Prophets,

because a fair court according to the Torah and the Prophets forms the basis

for the future and imminent 12-tribe kingdom of Israel.

Anyone can see the development of the Sanhedrin Initiative for themselves at  We are additionally grateful to the Sanhedrin Initiative for their support in restoring our reputation in Germany after it has been severely damaged by years of anti-Semitic attacks against our non-Jewish community in Germany for the simple fact that we have worked for peace in Zion with our Jewish brethren.

Now that the newly elected Israeli government wants to be guided by the Torah and the Prophets, we are optimistic that a collection of 70 judges and 70 advisors for the Sanhedrin will proceed swiftly.

We are therefore 100% behind the Sanhedrin initiative of Rabbi Yosef Edery and his brothers.