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The Temple Coin Gold Card

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The first edition of

Temple Coin Gold Card:

100 numbered 1 gram fine gold bars

from the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust


The new Jerusalem comes down from heaven as transparent gold.

Help build it and buy a piece of heavenly Jerusalem
with this 1 gram gold TempleCoin bar!


Only one hundred pieces!

The first edition of the gold cards consists of only 100 pieces, each numbered

1 gram fine gold bar in stylish card packaging.

Each card with bars is therefore an absolutely unique piece.

The numbers are issued in the order of the orders.

Danger! Only while supplies last!

You can have the card delivered to you with a donation to the community of heirs Jakob e.V. in the amount of at least 140 euros. Club members with an Ephi ID card only pay 129 euros and Club members who have a trust account only pay 111 euros.

Enter your status when ordering. Before the order is accepted, your status will be checked and assigned accordingly.

The dispatch takes place 2 days after receipt of money

In the future you will no longer need the light of the sun, nor the moonlight at night, for your eternal light will be Yahweh,

your God shines on you in glorious splendor.

Isaiah 60:19

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