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Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines

The use of™ website  is exclusively for members of the community of heirs Jakob and holders of the Ephraim National Card and is regulated by the following terms and conditions  Ephraim Media Truth™ License Agreement dated 01/01/2020


Ephraim Media Truth™

Chief Content Performer

Alexander Horn

Procession Way 27, 33482 Harsewinkel


In co-operation with 

DreamStream llc, Beverly Hills 90210, CA, USA

Represented by the CEO - Ulf Diebel


Since the end of 2019, under the company name "Ephraim Media Truth™" and the domain™  Products and services offered for purchase that have been subject to the following general terms and conditions and license conditions since January 1st, 2020.


  1. term designations

  2. Legal framework

    1. "The Bible"

    2. UN Res. 217

    3. GDPR

    4. In Germany

    5. In Israel

    6. In the USA

    7. Vatican canon law

  3. trademark rights  

  4. naming rights

  5. commercial rights

  6. licenses

    1. On-line

      1. Google

      2. Facebook

    2. Ephraim - Deed

    3. "EPHI Center" license

    4. Final Settlement Judgment License

    5. Truth Bond license

    6. Truth Reporter license

    7. Truth Foundation license

    8. License "Witness - Court Bond"

  7. Disclaimers

  8. arbitration board for disputes  

  9. place of jurisdiction



1 Definitions


Ephraim - name of the son of Joseph and firstborn heir of Israel from Jeremiah 31.9; 

Word meaning: “double fertility”.


Media Truth - We claim to report "the truth" with regard to Israel and want to counter the one-sided reporting in the system media with clearly structured and researched truth - multimedia in person and lectures, in publications, videos and our online activities, as Business model for the community of heirs Jakob


Priest according to the order of Melchizedek - professional title of Ulf Diebel, based on Psalm 110 under the protection of the Basic Law GG Art 9


Alive message - registration form for the  one-time registration  with the priest according to the order of Melchizedek as the basis for any further business relationship


Community of Jacob's Heirs - Association of individuals who believe in the promises in the Bible for a perfect restoration of Israel according to the Torah and the prophets. "Religious society" within the meaning of GG Art. 140 of August 11, 1919, belonging to the subject of international law "Nation Ephraim", represented in the UN by the Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dany Dalon (Statement of April 29, 2019 before the UN Security Council)


Final Settlement Judgment - Since 09/06/2018 commercial law, final judgment, within the framework of the 2+4 contract in force since 09/12/1990, on behalf of the people of Israel as the main responsible of the Holy See SANTA SEDE EPHI center


Truth Bond - tradable security for accredited  Ephraim Media Truth Reporter™ , related to the value of a specific  "Final Settlement Judgment"  and one  Original documents  licensed for media coverage and publication under the Ephraim Media Truth™ label.


Truth Reporter - Accredited Ephraim Media Truth Reporter™


"Witness - Court Bond" -  Ephraim Media Truth original document  with SANTA SEDE court stamp as a tradable security. Possession counts as a witness summons for the final settlement in Jerusalem.

"Persons" means any natural person, any joint trade association (such as the community of heirs of Jacob) and any legal person, public or private, created by law 

is capable of acquiring, using, controlling or disposing of property or property rights. according to SHAEF Law No. 52 Article 7 - 9. a)


2 Legal framework  

Our Terms of Service are embedded in that  internationally valid and recognized law .


1. The Bible - is the "AGB" of the people of Israel, since October 28, 1965 and the dogmatic constitution DEI VERBUM the Bible has been defined as the infallible Word of God for all people.


2. The UN Resolution 217 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December 10th, 1948 is the basis of national laws of meanwhile 193 states of the UN. Primary Freedoms - You may change your mind, place of residence, nationality, and religion if new information becomes available to you, and freely practice any form of religion, including the religion of speaking the truth.

3. GDPR - the European General Data Protection Regulation has been a regulation since May 25th, 2018 that allows every natural person to query their data, have it cleaned, or obtain compensation if personal data is misused. In principle, data may only be collected if there is written approval, which is actually available from very few government agencies or internet companies. Ephraim Media Truth™ meets all the conditions of GDPR Art. 6 bf to collect, process and share any form of personal data and explicitly makes use of this right.


4. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the Basic Law applies - "Aware of our responsibility towards God and man" in which international law directly evokes rights and obligations for all residents of the country 

(GG Art 25). Ephraim Media Truth™ is aware of its responsibility towards God and the people of Israel in a very special way and lives out this awareness within the framework of the free exercise of religion (GG Art 3, 4 and 140) also economically.

5. Israel accepted UN Resolution 217 in 1993 through the Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel.

6. The victorious power USA has distinguished itself in particular by protecting the free exercise of religion and works according to international commercial law, which also includes Ephraim Media Truth™. "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel" has been in effect since December 6th, 2017, since December 10th, 2019 the Executive Order on Combating Antisemitism for "Jews and Non-Jews". Jakob and Ephraim Media Truth™ not binding.


7. Vatican Canon Law SANTA SEDE - On September 30th, 2019 the Moto Proprio Aperuit Illis was published - “He has opened” with January 26th, 2020 the new age of the living Son of God “Word of God” begins destination Mount Zion.



3 Trademark Rights

Ephraim Media Truth™ uses trademarks of companies owned or beneficially controlled by the US company  DreamStream llc , or individuals from Jacob's community of heirs. The acquisition of an Ephraim Media Truth License™ does not affect the trademark rights of third parties. Integral contractual partner for Ephraim Media Truth trademarks and licenses, as well as their billing and legal protection is DreamStream llc


4 Copyrights

The copyright of the original texts and photos, as well as the right to oneself, remain with the author.


The copyright of the “Torah from Zion”, “Word from Jerusalem”, as well as the “WORD OF GOD” lies with Ulf Diebel, priest after the order of Melchizedek


The copyright of “The Last Judgment of the Apocalypse ” is owned by © Ephraim and the witnesses involved.


The use of personal data, original texts, photos, logos, copyright material of third parties takes place at Ephraim Media Truth™ within the framework of the legally guaranteed collection of data for a © #NewDeal; a treaty binding under international law between the USA, Germany, the Vatican, the State of Israel or in the Holy Scriptures (DEI VERBUM) in Jeremiah 31 between the peoples of Israel represented by © Ephraim and Judah represented by the government of the State of Israel, the world Jew Congress, the High Court of Israel. Please refer  DSGVO § 6


5 Trading Rights

Property and inheritance rights are guaranteed. Basic Law Art 14

The basis for every contractual agreement, cooperation and other contracts is the  Registered alive to the priest according to the order of Melchizedek . (Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions of Torah and Prophets, according to EGBGB Art 2: Law)

The following applies to all contracting parties: In the event of disputes arising among members of the community of heirs of Jacob, the priest serves as the arbitrator and judge in the highest instance according to the order of Melchizedek, place of jurisdiction is Jerusalem, Mount Zion.


6 licenses

Licenses are usage agreements for a contractually agreed object - tangible in the form of renting a property, or intangible for the use of software.


  1. On-line

    1. Google

    2. Facebook

If you have a Google account (Gmail, YouTube, G-Suite, etc) or a Facebook account, you are faced with a completely opaque “mess” of agreements that only serve the technology company.  


Ephraim Media Truth™ also uses Google and modern social media, but is preparing for a time “after”. Google and Facebook will be politically forced to clean up data en masse after the GDPR and the new anti-Semitism regulation and to rewrite the terms of use on the subject of “hate speech” to reflect the reality of “Israel”.


Ephraim Media Truth™ acts as the “Truth Advocate” for the community of Jakob heirs and publishes facts to be used as witnesses in court and works with the media platform in cooperation with DreamStream llc, on a completely independent community app, exclusively with a Zion version and Torah Empowered.


2. Ephraim - Deed

With the  alive report  can an individual  Ephraim deed  be ordered, which distinguishes the named owner as part of the people of Israel and can be used by authorities and offices.

Ephraim Media Truth™ has the exclusive right to create these certificates and pays 10% of the sale price to © Ephraim.


3. "EPHI Center" license

If required, Ephraim Media Truth™ creates an “EPHI Center” license that allows any property owner and/or renter to report their premises as the official address of the “Erbengemeinschaft Jakob” with Google Maps business entry.


4. License "Final Settlement Judgment"

the  Ephraim Media Truth License™ “Final Settlement Judgment”  is the right as  Ephraim Media Truth Publisher™ , a  Editorial License “Foundation Package”  (997 euros) and three  Reporter Kid Licenses  (3*297) to create Ephraim Media Truth Content as a professional team.


The “Final Settlement Judgment” license is attached to one (1)  special judgement  and its expected financial return and is exclusive.


A Final Settlement license costs EUR 4997 and entitles you to purchase  Truth Bonds .


5. "Truth Bond" license

Of the  Truth Bond  is an original document converted into a tradable security containing relevant personal data in connection with the "Jacob Case in Jerusalem", licensed to use Ephraim Media Truth for "Truth Reporter" and is available exclusively on .


The Ephraim Media Truth Reporter™ works according to the instructions from Luke 12.2+3 

But nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing secret that will not be known. Therefore, what you say in the darkness will be heard in the light; and what whispers in her ear in the closets will be proclaimed on the housetops.


Each original document is part of a true and exclusive story that originated and ended in Jerusalem and must be truthfully reported. The reporter makes a bond with the truth - hence "Truth Bond".


As of 3/29/2018, the “Ephraim Story” had a total value of $1.65 billion, which increased significantly in 2019 and after  Final Judgment of the Apocalypse  was divided into 100 final settlement judgments from August 24, 2018 to September 6, 2018.


on judgment  all 100 people are listed for whom a final settlement judgment was made.  Truth Bonds  are drawn on a specific judgment and cost 1% of the desired participation, at least 100 euros for 10,000 euros “End of Story” bonus, 1000 euros for 100,000 euros “End of Story” bonus.


The End of Story amount will be paid when the verdict is enforced, with content and truth reports being critical to success.


6. "Truth Reporter" license

Ephraim Media Truth™ is dedicated to the business of “truth” and forgiving  “Truth Reporter” Licenses  to members of the Jakob community of heirs who want to produce relevant and topic-related reports for our growing community and who submit to an editorial standard.


For a one-time payment of 297 euros, the Truth Reporter will receive an official Media Cap (uniform) and a press card.


The owner of a “Truth Reporter” license is eligible  "Truth Bonds"  to acquire. “Truth Reporters” are compensated for producing editorial-standard content, which is determined per Truth Bond.


7. "Truth Foundation" License

the  “Truth Foundation” license  includes the benefits of the “Truth Reporter” license plus:

  • All five previously published books valued at over 300 euros will be delivered

  • The Truth Foundation License entitles the purchase of Truth Bonds and their distribution to Truth Reporters.

  • The Truth Foundation license is an editorial license

  • The Truth Foundation License entitles you to recruit and employ Truth Reporters


The Truth Foundation license can be used on both  as well as on .


8. License "Witness - Court Bond"

Every court requires witnesses who can report on a process. the  License “Witness - Court Bond”  is an original document converted into a tradable security which has been used by the priest of the order of Melchizedek for the last 5 years and is stamped with the SANTA SEDE, dated and signed and is evidence with personal data for the actual and real final judgment before the judgment in Jerusalem.


With the purchase of the document, the buyer is a “witness” with a “court bond” that gives the institution a share in the final financial outcome when the court hearing is completed.  


7. Disclaimer 

Ephraim Media Truth™ uses digital technologies that harbor hidden dangers such as computer viruses, hacker attacks and identity theft, against which we, like any other user of these technologies, seek to protect ourselves in every way.


Despite the greatest security precautions, there have always been attacks on our infrastructure and resources, which is why we exclude all liability for the use of our websites in every respect.


We can also accept any liability for the services of third parties, which explicitly include the Big Five - Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, whose products and services bind every online user to terms of use, some of which violate the AGB's of the community of heirs Jakob (" the Bible"), which has led to serious violations of the freedoms and rights of countless individuals from Jacob's community of heirs.


Ephraim Media Truth™ excludes any liability for the published and proven truth and its consequences for the property, life and limb of the persons concerned.


Each individual of the community of heirs Jakob, Ephraim Media Truth licensees, employees, partners, investors, sponsors, editors, publishers and other users of Ephraim Media Truth content and technology is liable for their own damage caused by their own actions, also on behalf of third parties.


8. Arbitration Board 

Ulf Diebel © Ephraim, priest according to the order of Melchizedek, or one of the duly appointed elders and/or mayors, is the arbitrator in all matters of the community of heirs of Jacob, explicitly in disputes between individuals from the community of heirs of Jacob.


place of jurisdiction

Mount Zion, Jerusalem, Israel


Ephraim Media Truth™

DreamStream LLC

CEO: Ulf Diebel

Director of the Board: Michael Jay Solomon


1638 Tower Grove Drive

beverly hills,  

CA 90210

A: 30-0436003


Ephraim priests after the order of Melchizedek


Main responsible Holy See  


DUNS 438923885



In Collaboration with

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Trustee for the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust

In Collaboration with

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