The Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust
The Trust manages the total gold & silver deposit of all of its members.

The main purpose of the trust's business activity is to increase the total stock of gold and silver in a steady flow and thus to permanently increase the national wealth for all participants so that everyone participates equally
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To achieve these goals, the Trust uses its connection to the LondonBullionMarket and all of them available market interfaces for the development, production, trading and administration of gold and silver. Due to the worldwide very liquid silver market, the constant need for silver in industry and in the investment sector as real money in the form of coins and bars, the silver market offers many opportunities to position yourself accordingly.
Below are several of the Trust's main business areas that serve the above objectives.
  • Due to the clear constitution of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust to stand up to Israel and the restoration of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the main business area of ​​the trust lies in the production and delivery of its own TempleCoins in 7.77g fine silver, which is not only used for temple payments should serve, but also have the clear claim to become the standard currency for the nation of Ephraim and all of Israel and, moreover, to make silver the world reserve currency again. Due to the large number of descendants of the 12 tribes, which are brought together by Ephraim with Judah, TempleCoin sees a minimum requirement of 20 million TempleCoins per year, especially since the construction of the Third Temple is specifically linked to this, as is the planned own coin production facility in Samaria
  • The trust offers its members the opportunity to book their own coins and bars into the trust via an internal trust certification system, so that the trust and its participants are able to assign the goods precisely at any time. This means that here, too, the participants' inserted coin and bullion goods are included in the trading activities of the trust, the goods are permanently "turned" and the inventory of the trust is permanently increased, so that there is a positive return of the ownership shares to each individual member .
  • The gram-accurate billing of all purchases and sales via silver-covered trust certificates not only offers a good LBMA entry price in the gold & silver market, but also makes it possible to finance start-ups with silver-covered business investments. Zion-centric startups and founders of new businesses benefit from simple and secure corporate financing through the trust certificates, with which, even if the company fails, the underlying silver is not lost and remains with the trust and its participants.
In addition, it is planned to provide the entire services of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust on their own ready-delivered devices with their own corresponding apps for each of its participants, so that the own payment flows of the nation of Ephraim and each individual participant are practical and easy to use on your own devices and digital payments are easily and transparently visible to everyone.
Ephraim's coin trading system

How does the certification process of the coins in the Trust work?

Through the joint deposit of existing coins by the members, these can be recorded and exchanged in the best possible way through the following certification process, without the need for physical movement.


The Trust offers each heir to certify his coins in a mining process that picks up each coin once and enables further digital tracking of the trading movements of this coin via our trading software, so that it is clear to whom what belongs at all times.

To begin with, the certification process will be limited to the classic standard ounces.


For a certification fee, the coin is placed in a square plastic hard shell and provided with a seal and number and booked into our system with the respective ownership.


All further movements of the coin are thus recorded digitally. A trade exchange of the same can therefore already take place from this moment on by exchanging the trade certificate supplied for this coin. The coin itself then no longer has to move in order to still be traded digitally and is stored in a way that preserves its value.

Certification process

Inlay of the standard trade ounces (Liberty, Kangaroo, Noah's Ark, Britannica, Philharmonika, Maple Leaf, Krugerrand, etc.) in practical square coin capsules, the inner size of which can be adjusted to the ounce.

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+ Siegel mit Seriennummer

These coin capsules enable each participant of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust to have an appreciative safekeeping, effective storage and, in the common trading system, a standardized and traceable exchange of coins.


The coin capsules can be stored in practical boxes or offered for presentation / sale in appropriate coin cases or coin cassettes.

Ephraim's coin trading system
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