Silver is mentioned, similar to gold, over 300 times in the Bible.

Silver has been a common means of payment and value storage since Abraham and was officially officially calibrated in fixed sizes (Talent, Mine, Shekel, Kesita) early on. As a raw material, Siber is an indispensable consumable in electronics. Silver is therefore the solar pexus of the world financial system.

Gold and silver is the money given by God and an essential part of Israel's sowing and harvesting economy. Silver is used for the redemption of the firstborn, as a temple tax and for paying tithing in Jerusalem. Fair weight, purity and fair trade are some of the most valuable spiritual trainings through silver from the Book of Books.

Abraham already knew the weight of the shekel, even if its weight has experienced deviations in the past 4000 years, which continue to this day.

In the Babylonian Empire, the weight of the shekel was approximately 5.6 g. Later in Roman antiquity, one shekel measured approximately 6.77 g. In contrast, the circle of people around the Sanhedrin currently works with about 15.55 g for one shekel, which is why they close the "half shekel" as a due temple tax payment to 7.77 g.

Under the Romans, an ounce had 4 shekels and weighed approximately 27.1 g. Today one troy ounce of silver has 31.1 g and a quarter of it is exactly 7.77 g.

The fixed calibration weight according to the Priest of the Order of Melchizedek and are:

1 Schekel = 1/4 Unze = 7.776g.

"Die Worte des Herrn sind lauter wie Silber, im Tiegel geschmolzen, geläutert siebenmal !" - Ps 12,7

"So here's my advice. Buy from me gold made pure by fire. Then you will become rich." Rev 3,18

In addition to the earliest biblical mentions of the payment of central sales contracts with silver or gold, such as the purchase of the tomb of Machpelah by Abraham or the purchase of today's Temple Mount by King David, silver is used to pay tithes and various other temple payments, such as the redemption of the firstborn .

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