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The annual temple tax for every male Israelite 20 years of age and older is due again this year on 1 Adar (2/20/2023).


"Each one who is numbered in the census shall give this: half a shekel according to the shekel of the sanctuary (the shekel is twenty gerahs), half a shekel as an offering to the Lord.." - 2. Mose 30,13

This commandment was given to avoid the direct counting of the Israelites, so that the counting of the Israelites can take place through the amount of coins collected. (Exodus 30:12)

Pay your annual tax here 

This year approaches the 1st of Adar of the Jewish year 5783 on the evening of 2/20/2023 in the Roman calendar and continues until 2/22/2023, which coincides with the birthday of our club president Hubert Rogon. 


The annual levy is the same for every male Israelite over the age of 20, whether rich or poor. Payment is made via a one-time collection of a TempleCoin and there is one month from Adar 1 to do so.

Although the commandment explicitly applies only to male Israelites, TempleCoin also accepts voluntary giving from the daughters of Israel.


This offering to the Lord is intended to generate the necessary expenses for the Temple, as well as to raise funds for the preparations of the three major annual festivals, Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot.

In our time and as long as the Temple is not standing, these payments will go to the Sanhedrin Initiative in Israel so that all the requirements for the early construction of the Temple can be met. Rabbi Edery currently holds the TempleTreasury there as a partner of TempleCoin. 


According to Rambam, the value of the Biblical half-shekel by today's standards is equivalent to about 160 barley grains or just under 8 grams of silver, so with the 7.775g definition of the priest according to the Melchizedek order for a TempleCoin, we match that value exactly.

The 2/20

2/20 is not only the birthday of Ephraim's grandpa, but also the date of Richard Grenell's installation as the head of the 17 intelligence agencies after he got the war role. On 20.2.2018 Ephraim met Michael in Berlin.
This year it will be the historic opening of the temple tax payments between Ephraim and Judah.

Here more about the calibration

of our TempleCoin:

Learn more about the

Sanhedrin Initiative

Order here (for Individuals)

Optionally, you can write the name of your mother (first name is enough) in the purchase order for 10 euros extra, then after handing over the coins in Israel, the rabbi will say a special Hasidic prayer for you.

Order here (for Communites from 20 pieces)

Where are the coins sent?

TempleCoin handles the sale and settlement and sends the coins to

Rabbi Yosef Edery of Chabad Lubavitch, who is in the Golan

in the Holy Land and leads the Sanhedrine Initiative.

  Sale and collection are thus separated.

Learn more about the Sanhedrin Initiative

Half-shekels from the time of the 2nd temple period are regularly found.


Many Jews tried to keep this mitzvot even after

they were expelled from the land.

In recent years, Reuven Prager, who unfortunately passed away last year, did great service to implement this mitzvot for the Jewish community.

Over 200,000 coins have already been collected by him.


After the coins get the status Hekdesh (sanctified for holy use), they may no longer be used for profane purposes.


Today, our Silver TempleCoin is able to enable nations to implement this important commandment.

You have questions or want to participate in the development of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust and the participate in the sale of TempleCoins?

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