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TempleCoin stamps your own design on your own TempleCoins!


The FineSilver Shekel with 7,775g  (1/4 Ounce)

The Silver TempleCoin is the currency of the Bible and is directly related to paying tithes, which are dues to God and the Temple.

The rest of what is earned stays in your pocket, the national wealth is increased through a real money cycle!

Erstausgabe TempleCoin ephis

TempleCoin embosses your own design on your own TempleCoins!

We emboss your own design request on our reverse side, i.e. the image side of the TempleCoin. The obverse side, the temple with the denominations of the coin, remains the same for all TempleCoin issues. 
So you can design the image page according to your wishes. 

You have the option of having your own design embossed, either as your own rough design or if you wish, we can also have your rough design beautified by a professional designer, which is included in the price .

Depending on the quantity of your order, there are other costs:
  • 10 pieces - 2300 Euro             (Unit Piece 230,-)

  • 20 pieces - 2800 Euro            (Unit Piece 140,-)

  • 50 pieces  - 3400 Euro            (Unit Piece  68,-)

  • 100 pieces - 3800 Euro            (Unit Piece  38,-)

  • 500 pieces - 8900 Euro           (Unit Piece  17,80)

  • 1000 pieces - 13.000 Euro      (Unit Piece 13,00)

✶ Price changes possible depending on the silver price
Everything is included in these total costs: Design processing, stamp production, as well as embossing of your ordered SilberShekel total quantity and delivery in standard tubes.

If you would like to take part in the embossing, this can also be arranged.

You can contact us via to clarify any questions that may arise.

Here you can order your own coins and submit your design:

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