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Der 7,77g TempleCoin

in Silber und in Gold

The shekel for the Third Temple and for the restoration of the 12-Tribal Kingdom in Jerusalem


The Silver TempleCoin is the Currency of the Bible and is directly related to the payment of tithes to the priest, the temple and god

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The Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust coin for the
fulfillment of the Holy Scriptures

Brilliant uncirculated and hand lifted,
At least 7.77g weight of fine silver.

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The standard price of the coin is 15 euros (✶)

TempleCoin grants the following price reductions for larger orders:

  • 1-10 Coins:                         15 €

  • 11-20 Coins:                      14,50 €

  • 21-50 Coins:                     14 €

  • 51-100 Coins:                    13,50 €

  • 101-200 Coins:                   13 €

  • more than 200 Coins:    12 €

When ordering, make sure to set the price to the desired amount and adjust the exact number of coins you want accordingly. Unfortunately, incorrect order quantities must be canceled.

✶ Price changes possible depending on the silver price