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Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust.

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As the Nation of Ephraim and the entire trading community, we are able via the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust to create Zion-centered business structures and to provide our own means of payment for the nation in order to increase peace and prosperity, so that all partners benefit equally.
We will exchange debt-money for gold & silver
and create our own money and national wealth with participation and distribution models, because only gold and silver is real money.

Through the trust certificates of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trusts anyone can directly take part in the building of the nation of Ephraim, also in the biggest boom in history after the transition of the kingdom from rome to zion.

Open your account in 3 easy steps!
1) Read our Charta!
Sign the application to open, take a photo of it with your Ephi-ID
and send the file to Templecoin.
3) Become member of by registering here with your emailadress. After receiving your application to open, we will activate your account immediately!
Do you need an account/bankcard/PayApp?
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Transfers between different Revolut accounts in seconds! Account immediately!
For manual payments, please send a letter to Templecoin or a transfer to Hannes Antaszek Iban: GB26 REVO 0099 7073 4448 07 BIC: REVOGB2 - Bitcoin payments to 3HiZx15pDaAXkFZpu5vPe3HVLM7VMyGA5v
Please think about that payment is only possible after you ve done step 1-3
There are no further fees from your trust account, but you can enjoy a wide range of services immediately and inclusive.
The devaluation of credit money has started worldwide and the rise in precious metal prices has already started!
Use your time. Now jump with us on gold and silver and build the kingdom with us! This includes our own money cycle with real national wealth!

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