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Your own voting TrustAccount at the
Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust.
The most elegant and easiest way to convert debt in silver and gold to your own weight account

Access only with Ephi-Card (or with Tudadseut for Jews)

We will exchange debt-money for gold & silver
and create our own money and national wealth with participation and distribution models, because only gold and silver is real money.
As the total trading community of the Nation of Ephraim, we are able to create
Zion-centered business structures through the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust,
as well as provide our own means of payment, the Templecoins, in order to make
silver the world's reserve currency once again, so that all People may participate
equally in peace and prosperity.

Through the gold and silver backed trust certificates of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust, anyone can participate directly in the building of the nation of Ephraim and share in the greatest boom in history through the Transfer of the Kingdom from Rome to Zion.

Zion-centered and silver-backed startups will be funded by the Trust
and listed in our new trading system and are then available for sale in the
Trust Exchange for sale to all members.

Opening an account is very simple. Follow the instructions. Jews please simply attach a copy of their Tudadseut to their opening application and then do not need an Ephi ID card.
Otherwise, the following instructions remain the same for Jews and Ephraimites.

Open your account a few steps for only 100,- €
1) Read our Charta!
If you already have an Ephi-Card, you only need to order the Trust Account. If you don't have an Ephi ID yet, you need to order it (see below). In any case, sign the opening application form sent to you after your order and send the file to
Jews may enclose a copy of their Tudadseut with a photo instead of the Ephi-ID.
3) Register on with your email address. After receiving your application to open, we will activate your account immediately and your account will be deemed to have been opened! Note that the confirmation email can also end up in your spam folder.