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Community of heirs Jakob eV

The Erbengemeinschaft Jakob association was entered in the Cologne commercial register on 3.2.2021 and recognized as a non-profit organization.


Here is the board of directors:


1. Chairman

Hubert Rogon

2021-06-03 (1).jpeg

2nd Chairman

Yuri Nasirov

Profilbild Alexander Horn.webp

3rd Chairman

Alexander Horn

From the Articles of Association:


"The Heirs of Jacob Community is committed to the goal of achieving peace in Zion and peace with the Jewish people, as well as promoting interfaith exchange between Christians, Jews and Muslims on the basis of the Torah and the Prophets."


These statutes have been lived out perfectly in the first 3 years since the association was founded.

The New Covenant with the Jewish people was already initiated on Mount Zion on 4.5.23. Numerous conferences and intensive cooperation with the Orthodox rabbinate followed.


The association now runs an embassy in the Holy Land and is developing a broad cooperation with the Jewish people according to the Torah and the Prophets.


Numerous letters of recommendation from orthodox organizations are now testament to our great work in terms of international understanding.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-04 um 18.53.58.png

The administration of all members of the nation of Ephraim runs through the association, as well as the sale of all products via the association's internal merchandise management system, as well as the accounting processing and assignment of the various companies of the VirtualRealEmpires of Ephraim.

Furthermore, the association has many possibilities through the registered corporation, which were previously denied to the community of heirs.


The association does not charge any fees, but must still be functional.

Since the association is only just beginning to build up its economic activity, the association offers the opportunity to participate in the initial economic development through tax-deductible donations or through voluntary one-off or regular or irregular membership fees.

  • accounting

  • legal costs

  • Access to institutional funding.

  • system build

The aim of the initial investments is to strengthen the association in its possibilities for current economic activities and to meet the accounting obligations. In addition, various legal activities are repeatedly required as well as promising procedures to be conducted.


The funds collected here are used exclusively for the purposes named here, with the overriding goal of reaching Mount Zion.


We hope for informed members who make use of the following opportunity:

Please donate to the association account of the community of heirs Jakob eV

IBAN DE27 3706 9125 2020 7820 08

Job exchange at the community of heirs Jakob:

We are looking for people who are responsible for taking on and shaping their own areas of responsibility in the 3 areas of "legal, financial and social" in the nation's self-government.


Editors (Social Media)
Editorial work
Customer support (passwords etc)
property management
tour operator
Enforcement Bodies (Finance)



The Community of Heirs Jakob e.V. cannot assume any responsibility for the actions of individuals who appear in the name of the Community of Heirs Jakob!


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