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TempleCoin presents
in cooperation with the
Sanhedrin Initiative:

The Shavuot 5783 Special Edition Mt Sinai

Just in time for the signing of the #NewDeal of the Nation of Ephraim with the House of Judah, the special issue for the Sanhedrin Initiative is published in celebration of Shavuot, which this year falls on Ephraim's 56th birthday, 5/25/2023.


In addition to our classic TempleCoin reverse, the picture side features a depiction of the scene where Moses, along with Aaron and the 70 elders, receives the 10 Commandments from Hashem on Mount Sinai.

As always, the coins have the divine TempleCoin standard weight of 7.775g fine silver in our usual circle size of 25.5 mm and 1.45 mm thickness and will be minted in a first edition of initially only 3000 pieces in best stamp gloss quality by hand by our master minter Christof Teichmann.

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TempleCoins Shavuot 5783

The Single price of the coin is 15 euros (✶)

TempleCoin grants the following price reductions for larger orders:

  • ​1-33 Coins:                               15 €

  • 2 -9 Tubes á 33 Coins:         14,50 €

  • 10-29 Tubes á 33 Coins:    14,25 €

  • 30-49 Tubes á 33 Coins:    14,- €

  • from 50 Tubes á 33 Coins: 13,75 €

The prices vary depending on how many you order.
To do this, enter the corresponding price category of your order and the number of coins you require.

✶ Price changes possible depending on the silver price

Attention! You will find better prices in the
Trust Exchange for members!


Design Concept: Yosef Edery

Design execution: Jolynet

Embossing Master : Christof Teichmann

Here you can still order the TempleCoin edition of the year 2021 as long as it is still available:

The annual issue 5783 is available here:

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In the Trust Exchange you will find all the companies issued by the Trust and other silver and gold-backed certificates.

You can also obtain TempleCoin at reduced prices for up to 11€ per Piece.

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