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We send your 

to the Holy Land!

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IMG_0046 Kopie_edited.jpg is proud of the historical cooperation with
Rabbi Yosef Edery of the Chabad Lubavitch in the Golan in the Holy Land, who accepts our TempleCoins as sacrifice of the Israelites for the necessary work on the house of God. 

With that, Ephraim and Judah go into the concrete partnership for Hashems Business on 9.9.2022,

We will also send your shekel to Rabbi Edery to build
the 12 tribes kingdom of Israel. 
Your support for building the Sanhedrin is an important step in this direction.

Please note: The temple tax for the annual census of the Israelites by way of a silver TempleCoin for the redemption of your soul is to be distinguished from this and you can do this here:

beis havaad.webp

This page is for general support of the Sanhedrin beyond the Temple count.

We give the silver payments to Rabbi Yosef Edery of Chabad Lubavitch, for his efforts to build the Sanhedrin and create the necessary conditions for the contemporary requirements of the Geula process. We see in Rabbi Yosef Edery the appropriate representative sent by Hashem for the House of Judah to jointly advance the development of the New Covenant between Ephraim and Judah.


At the end of the process of the Geula, after the determination of the king, the exile of Amalek, the construction of the Third Temple as the House of God is then finally planned in order to re-establish the 12-tribe kingdom.

Then the Messiah will also be known.


We will take care of everything so that your coins arrive in Israel.

Optionally, you can write the name of your mother (first name is enough) in the purchase order for 10 euros extra, then after handing over the coins in Israel, the rabbi will say a special Hasidic prayer for you.

Price changes possible depending on the silver price

The Sanhedrin is the highest Jewish court that handed Jesus over to the Romans 2000 years ago and has to be reconstituted to establish the restoration of the kingdom and the building of the Third Temple.

Various payments for priestly services are stipulated in the Torah, such as the ransom of the firstborn, payment of tithes in the case of agricultural success or other specific cases.

Of course, Zadaka, as a concept of righteous charity to improve the world through giving and good deeds, is also fulfilled when you send your TempleCoin to Jerusalem as payment for the land, the priests, God and his temple to be built, so that the blessings of the country to get back to you.

Anyone can book their TempleCoin here in a collective delivery, and at regular festivals we will forward the TempleCoins to Jerusalem, stating your name and the name of your mother. (Please also write your mothers name in the purchase order.) 

Of course you can book your payment as a donation to the community of heirs Jakob eV.

In order to have your TempleCoin sent to Israel, please use the currently due count for the delivery of a silver TempleCoin for the redemption of your soul.
Erstausgabe TempleCoin
You want to have your TempleCoin sent directly to the priest according to the order of Melchizedek?
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Price changes possible depending on the silver price

Caution! You can find the prices for standard TempleCoin orders here.
Better prices you will find with a Trust-Account for Members.
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