The original TempleCoin
Our Shekel for the Temple and the
12-Tribe-Kingdom of Jerusalem
Silber_Münze_25,5mm_Alef_VS_Render Klein.png
in 7,776 g Feinsilber

Proof Like and handlifted

TheCoin for theThird Temple




The Silver Shekel with 7,77g

(1/4 Ounce)

The Silver TempleCoin is the Currency of the Bible and is directly related to the payment of tithes, which are the only taxes to be paid for god and the temple.

The rest of what has been earned stays in the pocket. National Wealth is increased through a circulation of real money


The minting of the TempleCoin started on August 11 2021!

Here you can have the original biblical shekel sent to the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem via a donation to the Erbengemeinschaft Jakob e.V.

The Sanhedrin is the highest jewish court, which Jesus handed down to the Romans 2000 years ago and which has been reconstituted in recent years to establish the restoration of the kingdom and the building of the Third Temple.


Send your coin to the Sanhedrin as temple payment and support the 12 Tribes Kingdom of Israel! 

Send your

to Jerusalem!

The handcrafted first minting of our shekel

After your donation of 25 Euros to the Erbengemeinschaft Jakob e.V. we will send a coin to the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem for you.
If you want to donate more, all other coins will be delivered to you!

1               Piece:         25,00 €

2-5           Piece:         20,00 €

6-10         Piece:         16,67 €

11-20       Piece:         15,90 €

21-50       Piece:         15,47 €

51-100     Piece:         15,20 €

101-1000 Piece:         15,09 €

> 1000      Piece:         15,01 €

When placing your order make sure to select the total amount and enter the corresponding and desired number. All orders that do not fit here must unfortunately be canceled.

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Price changes possible depending on the silver price

Danger! Significantly more advantageous delivery conditions for TempleCoins are available for Ephis with a trust account in the Ephi area!
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Watch a video here about the very first production line of the original TempleCoin from the 
Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust