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On Mt Zion will be deliverance

The 7.77g TempleCoin

Annual Edition 5783-2022/23

The shekel for the House of G-d and for the restoration of the 12-Tribal Kingdom in Jerusalem

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In 2001 Ulf Diebel published the book in Jerusalem and since then has carried the Torah to the ends of the earth.

3x7 years later and 7 years after the revelation of the firstborn Ephraim, the new TempleCoin edition for the Jewish year 5783 is now being published.

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The Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust coin for the
fulfillment of the Holy Scriptures

Brilliant uncirculated and hand lifted,
At least 7.77g weight of fine silver.

Just in time for the 2nd Anniversary of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust, production of the 2nd Edition TempleCoin began for the year 5783, which begins Sunday evening September 25th 2022 and commemorates Ephraim's 21 years of the "Torah of Zion" which began in was published in September 2001.

The obverse shows the names of the 12 tribes of Israel with their appropriate standard characters arranged around the Magen David in the order given in the Torah.

The centerpiece bears the lettering "21 Years Ephraim Torah from Zion 5783/2022" and depicts Mount Zion in Jerusalem in addition to a Torah scroll.

The reverse bears a sketch of the temple to be built in the future and the most important features of the coin. The hallmark ENT guarantees the silver fineness of Ag 999 with a total weight of 7.77g.

The location "in the cloud" is also legibly immortalized on the TempleCoin in large letters, where the interested Israelite can order this new 2nd edition of the TempleCoin.


"The rich shall give no more, and the poor not less than half a shekel, when ye give the LORD's offering to make atonement for your life." Exodus 30.15

It is one of the commandments of the God of Israel to send a TempleCoin to Jerusalem once a year for the work on the temple. ​


The first edition of issue 5783 is 4000 pieces. Follow-up editions can still come.

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Order the new annual edition 5783 of TempleCoin here

TempleCoin 5783

The standard price of the coin is 15 euros (✶)

TempleCoin grants the following price reductions for larger orders:

  • ​1-33 Coins:                                15 €

  • 2 -9 Tubes á 33 Coins:          14,50 €

  • 10-29 Tubes á 33 Coins:     14,25 €

  • 30-49 Tubes á 33 Coins:      14,- €

  • from 50 Tubes á 33 Coins:  13,75 €

The prices vary depending on how many you order.
To do this, enter the corresponding price category of your order and the number of coins you require.

✶ Price changes possible depending on the silver price

Attention! You will find better prices in the Trust Exchange for members!

Watch a video about the TemleCoin production on August 15th, 2022

Here you can still order the TempleCoin edition of the year 2021 as long as it is still available:

Trust accounts give you access to the Trust Exchange.

In the Trust Exchange you will find all the companies issued by the Trust and other silver and gold-backed certificates.

You can also obtain TempleCoin at reduced prices for up to €11!

Open an account with the Trust here

Issue 5783
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