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Price breakout or deflationary shock?

The GoldSilver forecast from ArgorHeraeus for the next year 2024 was published this week and can be read here as a PDF:

It is noticeable that Argor Heraeus also increasingly expects a recession, but still assumes that the price of gold will be stable, as interest rate cuts by central banks are seen as likely. On the other hand, Argor Out assumes the possibility of a strong dollar, which could reach up to 1.18 in the DXY, which is in line with our forecast and therefore makes Argor Out's gold price forecast appear overly optimistic in our eyes, because a strong dollar would Gold price weaken even more.

In addition, if there are no sustained interest rate cuts (precisely because the aim is to bring the debt money system to its end with the Great Reset carried out by the UN, which will impoverish large parts of society so that they should migrate to state regulations), In my opinion the price of gold will be less strong than it is shown in the AH newsletter.

To put it another way: in view of the increasingly weak macroeconomic forecast, the forecast for gold and silver is more than optimistic in my opinion, which is absolutely understandable given the sales-promoting representation of the own gold and silver industry, but it is also true that interest rate cuts will help would give the gold price a new boost, but whether this will happen remains questionable.

Rafi Farber, who had assumed that the price of gold and silver would tend to rise in recent months, also had a change of mind, because this week he came up with the thesis of a deflationary shock, which TempleCoin had been favoring for a long time.

If you are interested, you can watch the video here:

To make complicated things simple:

In the wake of the extraordinary increase in the cost of credit, which is increasingly putting the entire global economy under pressure (so that in Germany things are slowly becoming noticeably less and less for everyone), not only are there an increasing number of declining orders, bankruptcies and price collapses, but the opportunity for ever-increasing opportunities Defaults by smaller and larger players can, in principle, put the prices of almost all industries under such pressure that they may fall so dramatically that there will be no income to pay them.

This process has already started and, in my opinion, the risk of a deflationary shock increases dramatically in 2024.

This would at least be a good thing for the calculated reallocation of loan debt money into gold and silver for those investors who are still sitting on cash holdings, the storage of which we have repeatedly advised since mid-2022 due to the development described.

We have already seen a sharp fall in gold prices since the price high at the beginning of December and are already slowly getting back into the zone of good buying prices. Silver in particular has already fallen by 2.60 per ounce in the last 10 days, giving every Trust member a good opportunity to buy more Trust-S certificates.

A deflationary shock, which could well be imminent in 2024, would then give every Trust customer the ultimate opportunity to buy more on their own Trust account at the spot price and finally use the long-stored cash money and possibly get in really cheaply can. We expect this ultimate point in time to be in 2024, but we will provide information in a timely manner.

Here are 3 charts alongside our own from last week that illustrate what entry opportunities may be available in the near future. These are circled in red.

However, especially in the last chart run (Trader Muru on Twitter, second chart HZ) of the Wyckoff chart model, pay attention to the possible further price breakout to a new ATH before it could then go to even deeper lows again. We also believe that this course of events is possible, which could once again lead to a major deception on the part of the stackers.

In our own charts, the ultimate and last opportunity to get in cheaply would ideally look like this:

At least based on our thesis, Argor Heraeus's lower price limit of $1,880 per ounce is highly euphemistic, even if $2,250 could be hit briefly.

So if you want to put debt money into gold and silver, you should at least pay a little attention to the time of entry. Although prices of around 1,840 euros per ounce of gold and currently 21 euros per ounce of silver already indicate good purchase prices after the significant price drop over the last 10 days, there is definitely a prospect that it will be possible to buy even cheaper here in the future. Which is why we advise you to regularly put the available parts of your cash holdings into gold and silver from now on, e.g. around 10-20% of the planned total per month, with the prices slowly continuing to fall over the next few years months, so that a good average price can be generated over time. Investors who are more willing to take risks are waiting for the ultimate moment next year to be able to contribute larger amounts at absolutely good purchase prices.

The following is important here:

While coins and bullions never fully benefit from price setbacks due to the production surcharge and permanently remain well above the LBMA spot price, this is different when offering our silver and gold bound certificates for trust account holders :

If the price of the beloved precious metal drops, we can pass on the full amount to the customer via our spot price-linked certificates and are rightly proud of this great business model, here gram by gram on our own weight account at the LBMA price to be able to buy.

Imagine what that would mean for the individual investor if he could soon buy silver for 14 or 18 euros per ounce or, as in Rafi Farber's conversation, even for 4 or 8 euros per ounce, which of course is now greatly exaggerated seems.

Today at least one Trust-S certificate only costs €0.78, which is already 8 cents below the high price of 10 days ago.

Long story short: we will definitely be able to enjoy attractive purchase prices again now and possibly even more soon and may be expecting the ultimate and final moment in 2024, when it will also be absolutely necessary from the perspective of the credit crisis will have to completely liquidate most of its cash holdings and definitely exchange them for gold and silverbefore the credit money will then seal its historical and temporal end forever and before it is then converted into digital money either by socialist players should be convertedwhich would represent the ultimate Day , which would cause its purchasing power to explode in the event of a revaluation.

Crypto money lovers should be told that we are expecting a massive price drop in the entire industry very soon and that the risk of total value loss is around 100%. That's why the urgent warning here is to get out as quickly as possible when the BTC price is over $40,000, before a total loss could and probably will occur in the foreseeable future.


All in all, what can be said about these price games is that in the end there is little guarantee. The processes in the world financial system are historically unprecedented in this dimension and a BlackSwan event could also temporarily thwart any forecast. Threatening cyber attacks are already being used by the World Economic Forum to justify future collisions with the debt money system.

In other words: anything is possible and in the event of a complete shutdown of the world financial system, the stocks of gold and silver in stock at this point in time would initially be fixed before the revaluation of gold and silver would then finally take effect.


How many grams have you already put on at this moment?

The silver holdings of the trust that manages the holdings of its members this week are at least 227,279.89 kg and the gold holdings are 1,803.64 kg.

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"Gold doesn't change. It's just the world around it that changes.


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