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War through debt, the best business..

Anyone who has read our yesterday published excellent speech by Rafi Farber will immediately understand why it would never have been possible to wage the wars of the military-industrial complex of the last hundred years in this destructive form on a gold standard.

Only the exorbitant increase in debt through artificial balance sheet expansion with pieces of paper and digits was able to make mass weapons production possible, in which a few players send entire nations or hundreds of thousands of young men to their deaths without even touching the gold and silver reserves.

We are currently witnessing this not only in the video drone war in Ukraine, but also in the hungover spectacle in and around Israel. The R-rule has been clear for at least 200 years: finance both sides and you can control victory and its timing.

If you want to unplug the system, buy physical gold and silver.

The Pope also recently pointed out the urgent need for a reorganization of the global financial system and orderly debt relief.

In this new regulation, gold and silver become the money of the kingdom with enormous increases in value.


You can still buy the TempleCoin here for 15 euros and participate in the coming price explosion!

If the value of credit money continues to decline, this price could also soon be adjusted.

Our 25 ounce bar is already at 911 euros, almost 140 euros above last year's introductory price.

Here are the 3 editions of our TempleCoin, the payment for the Temple of God, which the Jewish Sanhedrin has already declared as Machatzit HaShekel (as the biblical half-shekel of Moses) is accepted.

There are also still a few copies of the second edition available.

Here is the latest edition of Templecoin:


Currently already 911 euros...or still? Definitely a lot of silver for the money!

Our popular 1g GoldCard, a piece of heavenly Jerusalem, will soon see price adjustments.

Here you can send your coins to the priest of the order of Melchizedek:

Here you can have your coins sent to the Sanhedrin Initiative throughout the year to further develop the Supreme Court according to the Torah and the Prophets.

Here you can make a basic donation to help build the Sanhedrin as the highest Torah court so that the world can finally be ruled from Jerusalem again. 60% of your amount will be paid out to you in the form of TempleCoins.

"Gold doesn't change. It's just the world around it that changes."


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