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Markets severely distorted

The markets have risen sharply in recent weeks and have even reached a new all-time high in the stock markets. Against the background of the strongest interest rate increase in decades and the recession that is already beginning in the background, the expectation of many market participants that they are in a new bull run is more than distorted.

Lots of other statistics also point to an impending collapse of the world trading system, not only in China, but yesterday the quant strategists from JPMorgan also came around the corner and said that we are in a structural overvaluation of the stock markets similar to the DOT .Com bubble with strong downward correction potential.

Gold also closes above $2,000 per ounce for the 10th week in a row, while the mines and especially silver remain weak, which has already caused the gold-silver ratio to rise to 92 and is currently still an ultimately cheap buying opportunity for silver offers.

A Trust-S certificate only costs 0.79 cents today and building up a portfolio in the form of silver today will pay off enormously for the investor when the ratio returns to its natural ratio of 1:15, 1:7 or even 1 :3 will come back and you will then be able to exchange your silver holdings back for many times more gold.

The further price development of gold & Silver for 2024 is currently difficult to estimate. Because if gold could move towards $2140 again, there is definitely downward pressure, especially if the stock markets finally collapse.

The FED is at least somewhat unpredictable in its actions and so it is unclear whether the announced interest rate cuts will actually be implemented or only when the markets capitulate in a few weeks.

FED President Jerome Powell will make his first statement of the year today, but the 5.25% interest rate will almost certainly remain unchanged today.

If the DXY manages to break through 105 in the next few weeks, there would hardly be any holding up here and the liquidity shock we prefer would ripple through the world, which would drag the markets down and give us a final buying opportunity There would be gold and silver before the Black Swan event that many were expecting could take place in the fall. Which one would that be? The fall of the great city of Babylon (Revelation 18).

Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more Rev 18:10 and 11

At that point at the latest we will see the revaluation of gold and silver as money, an unprecedented explosion in the purchasing power of gold and silver.

But remember, the holdings are fixed at this point, it will be difficult to buy more quickly, so we strongly advise converting your excess debt holdings into silver this year before this revaluation takes place.

Our Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust designed and 100% able to implement this perfectly on your own weight account.

The silver TempleCoin as Machatsis Hashekel, the biblical payment of Moses, which has already been confirmed by the Sanhedrin Initiative and is produced from our common trust holdings, will once again use silver as the world's reserve currency and the coming purchasing power explosion also applies here: It is It seems likely that the future purchasing power of a silver TempleCoin will roughly represent the value of a daily wage, i.e. comparable to today's purchasing power of 150-250 euros or even significantly more.

Therefore, use the time and exchange your debt money holdings now for gold and silver, either in the form of actionable certificates, each of which has one gram of silver and gold added to your weight account, or in storable stocks of our physical products from our shop.

In addition to the silver TempleCoin, the current hit is our 25 Oz bar, which offers a lot of silver for very little money, currently RRP €777.

In addition, think about the upcoming count. Every Israelite should be counted by giving a coin and also receive redemption for his soul.

"This is what they shall give: to everyone who goes over to those who are numbered, half a shekel, after the shekel of the sanctuary, twenty gerahs of shekels, half a shekel as an offering to the LORD. Everyone who goes over to those who are numbered, from twenty years of age and upward, shall give an offering to the LORD. The rich man shall not give more, nor the lowly man less than half a shekel, when you give the LORD's heave offering to make atonement for your life." Exodus 30:13-15

By ordering more, you will save Israelites who currently do not have access to this offer.

You can click on the following link to find out more about the bid:


The silver holdings of the trust that manages the holdings of its members currently have 230,244.89  kg and the gold holdings are 1,803.64 kg.

You can find all of the trust's silver and gold-backed certificates in the trust exchange for members.

Attention! With a trust account you can also buy our silver TempleCoin in the member area at a discount for as little as €13 and for up to €11 each!

Our Trust S certificate, which is backed by one gram of silver, is available today for just €0.79, and a Trust G certificate, which is backed by one gram of gold is covered, is already available today for €70.56.

You can also find the certificates of our company-linked and Zion-centered companies in the trust exchange for trust account holders. Each company certificate is secured with the purchase of one gram of silver, which is credited to your own portfolio. You can also participate in by purchasing the TCO certificates for as little as 1 today, 79€.

Kosher new ventures are accepted by the trust and we offer every entrepreneur the best conditions to prepare for the new era and collect investments.

The trust account gives you access to our weight account, where you can physically purchase gold and silver in grams and at the LBMA spot price with only a small markup, an unbeatable service in our opinion without comparison.

Here you can create an account for a one-time fee of 100 euros if you already have an Ephi card. Jews only need to present their Tudadseut and can use it to create the trust account.

Here you can order your Ephi-Card at the same time, if you don't have one yet, to create the trust account:


Here are the 3 editions of our TempleCoin, the payment for the Temple of God, which has already been accepted by the Jewish Sanhedrin as   Machatzit HaShekel (as the biblical half-shekel of Moses) is accepted.

A few of the second edition are still available.

Here is the latest edition of Templecoin:

Our popular 1g GoldCard, a piece of heavenly Jerusalem:

Here you can have your coins sent to the priest according to the order of Melchizedek:

Here you can have your coins sent to the Sanhedrin Initiative throughout the year. In addition, the Sanhedrin Initiative provides the soldiers with coins so that they can pay for the Machatsis Hashekel after the end of the war.

Here you can make a basic donation to help establish the Sanhedrin as the highest Torah court so that the world can finally be ruled from Jerusalem again:


"Gold doesn't change. It's just the world around it that changes."

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