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Rafi Farber about Money, Gold and Silver

The following speech given by Rafi Farber on March 18 this year at Agenda 2030 in Petach Tikva, Israel, which is published on his blog "The Endgame Investor", highlights the importance of gold and silver and their role in today's global economic system very well.

According to Rafi Farber, the speech led to "standing ovations", probably due to its simple clarity, which is why we are publishing it here.

The Reset Will Be On Our Terms, Not Theirs; Let the Bastards Drown in their Own Inflation

"Many of us in this room are afraid that the elites are going to take over the world completely. They already control medicine, academia, the school system, and pretty soon they're going to sterilize us all and feed us bug powder through a tube (grasshopper powder for those who keep kosher, with kosher certification from a Yemenite Rabbi of course).

Every free subscriber to EGI means an End Game Angel gets its wings. Every paid subsciber gives that winged angel a laser-sighted machine gun with gold and silver bullets. Arm them all.


Yuval Noach Harari, may he live a long and peaceful life, the Gadol Hador (Titan of this Generation) of the Torah of the elites, is already talking openly about sticking sensors under our skin so the government knows exactly what we're thinking at all times. The best part about that is if we crack the wrong joke or don't take every injection they want us to take or if we even think the wrong thing, they'll know about it, and they'll cut our universal basic income of central bank digital currency for the month so we can only afford a half ration of bug powder while we watch our children we're not even allowed to have, slowly starve to death for lack of bug sandwiches.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have good news for you. I want you to internalize it and understand it well. This is not going to happen. This is not a prediction. It's just simple logic. Let me explain to you how I know this.

Please, my friends, think back to when you woke up this morning. How did you know what you'd have to do today? How did you know how much you'd have to work and how much you'd have to spend to basically keep up your standard of living? How did you even decide if you could afford coming to this conference? Basically, how did you happen to know exactly where you fit in to the division of labor that spans the entire planet and feeds every human being on Earth?

The answer is prices. Prices are the signal that tells every person in the world what he has to do in order to be part of global production. Without prices, everyone would wake up in the morning and they'd have no idea what they're supposed to be doing. Very quickly, within a matter of days, there would be chaos, the zombie apocalypse, mass murder and mayhem.

But where do prices come from? When you woke up this morning, how did you know what prices were? The answer is that you remember what prices were, basically, from the day before, and if you don't remember, you can ask someone or look it up. You knew yesterday from the day before that, and so on and so forth back into the past.

This, my friends, is what Austrian School economist Ludwig von Mises called the Monetary Regression Principle. Many of you probably have never heard of Mises unless you are familiar with the Austrian School of economics. Mises was one of us. He was a Jew, a holocaust survivor in fact, but he was one of those survivors that the mainstream, including the propagandist rabble rousers at Yad Vashem, would rather you know nothing about. Mises opposed the power of the State and championed liberty and free markets. His greatest work was published just after he escaped the Nazis by the skin of his teeth.

Anyway, Mises's Monetary Regression Principle is cold, hard, economic law. It is as inescapable as gravity. It is simple deductive logic. It says that there is no such thing as prices in a vacuum. Prices cannot simply be made up out of whole cloth. They need to flow from some prior source, all the way back to the origin of exchange itself. Otherwise, prices have no connection at all to what came before, and in that case they would convey no meaningful signal as to the supply of and demand for anything at all. The result would be, necessarily, the breakdown of the division of labor and the zombie apocalypse.

Now, tell me, my friends. What the hell is a "shekel"? When I ask people why the shekel has any value, the most common answer I get is along the lines of "people just agree on it". As if there was some kind of Rousseauan social contract for money, some sort of colossal meeting at Israel's biggest football stadium where everyone took a vote on a medium of exchange and then just distributed it amongst the population ex nihilo.

This never happened.

There is no monetary contract and there never was. There can never be a manufactured, top-down agreement that determines what will constitute money on planet Earth, ever.

True, people do seem to agree on the value of a shekel, but why? How? Where does this agreement come from? As I said before, it came from yesterday. Your "agreement" with everyone else today as to what a shekel is worth is based only on your extrapolation from that same agreement from yesterday.

And so on until we get all the way back to the invention of the New Israeli Shekel itself. How did that happen? Well, the old Shekel hyperinflated to nothing in 1984, and so the Bank of Israel issued a new currency in exchange for dollars from the Federal Reserve, and promised not to directly finance the Knesset's deficit ever again, and the New Shekel came into existence based on and backed by the US Dollar.

The shekel, my friends, is just a derivative of – a substitute for - the US Dollar. That's all it ever was. That's what it is right now. The Bank of Israel issues the Shekel as its liability, and the Bank of Israel's only assets are US dollars. Literally. Maybe a few Euros, but that's it.

Now, we come to the next question. What the hell is a dollar? If we can answer that question, we can figure out what a shekel is.

The agreement about what a dollar is started long before the dollar was ever born. The word "dollar" was just like the word "gram" or "ounce". Just like the word "shekel" means weight in Hebrew, literally, a dollar was simply a unit of weight of gold or silver. A silver or gold dollar was just a standardized coin that weighed one dollar. As for the paper dollar bill, it was born as a receipt for a dollar's weight of gold or silver. It was the first dollar "derivative", having "derived" its already agreed-upon value from a weight of gold or silver.

If you go back in time all the way back to when the dollar was born as a unit of anything, you will reach gold and silver. There is no avoiding it. The widespread agreement as to the value of a dollar today stretches all the way back to the agreement on the value of gold and silver.

But where did this agreement come from? A meeting? No, there was never any meeting on the value of precious metals.

What happened was people just started trading things for other things, which is better and more productive than murdering one another for stuff, generally speaking. In trading, they figured out that some things like gold and silver trade better. Why? It doesn't really matter why, but it's probably because they never go bad and you can divide them easily. And you can make them into stuff. Beautiful stuff. And so even if I don't personally want gold or silver now for itself, the guy who I trade it with next seems to want it, and so I'll keep it for now and exchange it for something else later because it works better than these goats, which smell bad and you can't divide them without them trying to eat your pants and bleeding to death.

Eventually, someone down the chain of exchange will use the gold. Who cares who or why? The point is, if that were not the case, that somebody at some point will actually use the stuff, gold and silver would have no value at all.

Trade is an organic process that ferments and matures from the bottom up. "Money" is simply the word we use for "most liquid commodity available in a given economy". In a prison it could be cans of fish or cigarettes. It doesn't have to be gold and silver, but it does have to be the most liquid commodity available. Money is the commodity that changes value the least from day to day. It is the commodity that the most people in the world want to buy, and the most people in the world want to sell, all at the same time. The dollar began as a unit of weight for these most liquid commodities, gold and silver. Then something weird happened.

People realized it was much more convenient to trade around the receipts rather than the money itself, which is heavy and you can lose it. And so paper promises for dollars started circulating, and they became known as "dollars" themselves, even though they were only receipts for dollars, and not themselves dollars. This continued to morph into still more promises for those paper promises for money, what we call "bank deposits", much more of which exist than actual paper dollars. And again, it continued to morph into what we call "debt" or "bonds".

What the hell are those?

Debt, or bonds, are promises for bank deposits which are promises for paper receipts which are promises for money, which is gold and silver.

But it doesn't stop there. Not even close. It keeps going and going. It is the Tower of Babel itself. It goes higher and higher and higher still, promises upon promises stacked upon promises for money, piled up to heaven in an increasingly unstable pile of garbage. And the foundation of that entire global tower is physical gold and silver. It has to be. Because of the Monetary Regression Principle, there is no other possibility.

What about Bitcoin? Isn't that new? No, it is not. Again, how does anyone know how much stuff a bitcoin can buy? Because bitcoin attached itself to the existing dollar price array, and so did the shekel. What is a bitcoin then? It is simply the next layer of the Tower of Babel of dollar derivatives.

And what, my friends, is a central bank digital currency? If and when the bank of Israel hands us all our universal basic income in blockchain shekels and tells us we can all eat 2 kilos of grasshopper powder for the month with a Badatz hechsher by Rav Machpud, how will anyone know what a blockchain shekel can buy? Because the price array of blockchain shekels will feed off the existing shekel price array, and another layer of the same damned Tower of Babel will be put into place.

But at the base of this disgusting tower of evil, of derivative after derivative piled up to heaven, is physical gold and silver.

The shekel is a dollar derivative, and the the dollar is still ultimately a gold derivative. It must be, or the chain back in time on which the entire agreement on the value of a dollar is based, collapses, and the division of labor breaks down. Meaning, you wake up in the morning and you have no idea what to do, and neither does anybody else. That's a zombie apocalypse.

So what happened in 1971 then when President Richard Nixon supposedly "closed the gold window"? That was simply an admission that the statutory rate of $35 per ounce was a lie. There were too many money derivatives, and not enough money to redeem them all. But this doesn't change the fact that the gold window is still open. For both the dollar and the shekel. For that reason alone, people still agree that the dollar has any value whatsoever.

But the gold window will not remain open for much longer. The dollar will go off the gold standard at some point, when nobody will accept any amount of dollars for any amount of gold or silver, not even at coin shops.

This is a scary prospect indeed, but it is also liberating, exhilarating, even cathartic. Because on that day, the entire massive engine of corruption that is poisoning every aspect of human society – medical, academic, military, nutritional, all funded by the inflation of the dollar and shekel supply, it will all end. All at once. My God, it'll be beautiful.

When all the myriad layers of promises for money are dead and gone, the only thing left to maintain any semblance of a division of labor on Earth will be money itself – gold and silver. When all the promises for money are all revealed to be lies, literally all of the goods and services on planet Earth will be on offer for physical money, at rates so desperate that even the most hardcore of gold and silver collectors will be absolutely astounded.

Why? Because all currencies in the world today, without a single exception, are based on the US dollar, which is based on gold and silver, through the monetary regression principle. When the dollar falls, all currencies fall, including the shekel. In a world where currencies no longer work, there are no prices in currency terms, and so there can be no division of labor in currency terms. Therefore, the absolute most important thing in such a society is not food, and not water, but money.

Food and water are obviously important, but famines do not happen because there is no food. They happen because food cannot be distributed, because there is no money. The only way to establish any kind of division of labor in a world where currencies are dead, is to return to money itself. Prices will regress back to real money in terms of ounces of gold and silver, through the logic of the Monetary Regression Principle of Ludwig von Mises, the Jewish holocaust survivor they do not want you to know about.

Ladies and gentlemen, we live on a massive monetary Tower of Babel with our heads in the clouds. Most of us have no idea where we are, and the air is getting way too thin and it's driving us insane for hypoxia. The Torah opens the story of the Tower of Babel with this verse:

וַיְהִ֥י כׇל־הָאָ֖רֶץ שָׂפָ֣ה אֶחָ֑ת וּדְבָרִ֖ים אֲחָדִֽים׃

"And the land spoke one language, and was concerned with singular matters."

This is the first communist society. The first economic central plan. Nothing matters but singular things, not "one thing" which would be דבר אחד but "singular things" in the plural, דברים אחדים. You all will focus on these singular things or the government will kill you. Whether it's the coronavirus, or "Judicial Reform", or "Peace Now", or – I'm sorry to say – "Bring them Home Now". It's all bullshit.

We are deep in it, my friends, high in the clouds, but God has promised that He will not let the evil elites take over the whole world. Never again. It is impossible, by His word, because of monetary regression. Their sick tower will collapse. And how will it collapse? Because in the end, as the dollar falls, and as the shekel falls with it, everyone will rush to gold and silver out of necessity, the base of the Tower itself, and knock it over once and for all.

If we picture the inverted pyramid, the Tower of Babel of our monetary system as an actual physical structure rather than strictly an intellectual concept, then to acquire an ounce of gold is to pile that pyramid with more and more dollars, with more promises, and at the same time hack away physically at the gold base supporting it all. Take a piece of that gold base while you still can. Keep it with you, and keep hacking away. Methodically. Intentionally. Consciously. And fully understanding the consequences, both good and bad.

At some point soon, very soon, the gold base of our pyramid will be thin enough that the entire thing will topple over. At that point, the elite can print as much currency as they want, but it won't matter, because it will not have any gold or silver value. Any central bank digital currency will not be able to base itself on a dollar price array that no longer exists. The elites will lose control entirely, and it will be up to us to rebuild from the ground up. Those of us with real money we hold in our hands will be responsible for how the new world takes shape.

Rabeinu Sa'adya Gaon, from the period of the Gaonim (literally "The Greats") just after the Talmud was finished, asks this basic question in his book "Beliefs and Opinions". He asks why the Torah forbids theft. His answer is obvious. If theft were allowed, everyone would steal, nobody would produce, and eventually everyone, including the thieves, would starve to death.

You can have a society with thieves. They must be punished, yes, but society can survive some amount of theft. But a society based on the idea of theft itself as a good thing, that is bound to collapse, because eventually you will run out of stuff to steal.

Inflation, my friends – the act of printing currency that is a claim on money that does not exist – is itself theft, literally. There is no denying it. Our monetary system is based on theft, and therefore, according to Rabbi Sa'adya, and Moses and Mises, one who brought down the Torah from Sinai, and the other who explained Monetary Regression all the way back to Sinai and before, this society must collapse, the entire disgusting thing.

And it will. Just like the Tower of Babel. When it does, the elites will lose control of everything, and their central plan to have us eat bugs will fail completely. And it will be up to us to rebuild. We must be up to the task, because there is nobody else to do it.

How did Joseph the Righteous save the world in his day? By collecting silver. What did Moses our Teacher, the greatest prophet in history whose level of prophecy will never, ever be equaled and the closest man to perfection who ever existed, what commandment did he relay from God right before we left Egypt forever? The commandment to collect all the gold and silver in Egypt, and we emptied the whole damned country. Then God drowned all the murderous bastards for drowning our babies. I cannot wait until He drowns the elites in their own inflation. Please God, exact Your vengeance in our days.

All monetary pyramids of tyranny are based on gold and silver, and once we destroy that base by collecting it for ourselves, we destroy the entire evil machine. It will be dangerous, and it will be glorious, and it is inevitable anyway, and so it must be done by good people like us.

This, ladies and gentlemen is the monetary reset. And it will be on our terms, on God's terms. Not theirs. Keep calm, keep stacking, and let's finish the job."

Rafi Farber on 18.3.22 to be read on his blog:


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