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Worst-Case Scenario Great Reset - Possibility

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Article from 3rd of July 2022 in german (click here)

Everyone should have noticed that by deliberately letting the biggest credit money bubble of all times burst, we are ushering in what is probably the biggest downturn in history, which we more accurately call the end game of money: The artificially forced increase of the world economy over years and decades via cheap money (cheap interest rates), which has caused the biggest increase of all times of almost all asset classes especially in the last 20 years, is just now coming to its end.

(Dow Jones for the past 50 years)

Inflation, which mainly affected luxury goods such as real estate, financial products, art or other asset classes after the financial crisis in 2008, is now arriving after 20 years at final and consumer products such as food and energy and will mainly hit the "little guy" here, while said assets of people who still own something are collapsing. What we are seeing now is probably just the beginning.

While many market observers accuse the current events of the incompetence of central banks and other puppets, I see here nothing else than the planned execution of the announced "Great Reset", i.e. a planned destruction of all asset classes, which is accompanied by an actual expropriation.

One wants to let drive the debt money system together with its participants planned before the wall.

"2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy"- UN-Agenda 2030

While Ephraim has been striving for the #NewDeal with the Jews since 2017 in order to carry out this reset, the end of the credit money system and the associated debt relief in an orderly manner from Jerusalem for the whole world, the timeline of the further development definitely plays a role for every investor in gold and silver.

Because here a worst-case scenario could be hinted at, which not only contradicts our

"CupnHandle Pattern" published for years (see right), but could also put one or the other GoldSilver bull to a hard test.

Rising prices due to the completion of the cup-n-handle pattern are still possible, but less and less likely due to the massive stagflation/recession that is taking place worldwide, which is why we want to present a different scenario today, so that everyone can prepare for this accordingly, also mentally. We are talking about possibilities here, there are no long-term certainties. The following forecasts are not about detailed points in prices and times, but about fundamental trends, especially since unplanned events in the chart, such as an official appointment of the Moshiach, are not priced in.

Basically, we know that the U.S. dollar has been gaining significant strength in recent months and this trend seems to want to continue in the coming months:

We know a stronger U.S. dollar goes to falling gold (and silver) prices (in U.S. dollars), even though this correlation is increasingly softening and the U.S. dollar will eventually lose its purchasing power altogether, unfortunately this correlation still exists.

For gold in U.S. dollars, this could mean the following:

Gold in Euro:

As the euro continues to weaken against the U.S. dollar, the euro price may not fall quite as far (dark purple).

Silber in US-Dollar:

Silver in Euro:

All these predictions would expect a gold and silver price that dives below today's level for several years with corresponding consequences.

The gold and silver ratio also supports the current thesis, as the ratio has been pushing for a crashing silver price for months:

Even if all these possibilities do not change the fact that gold and silver are massively undervalued according to today's paper price standards and the real gold and silver value in relation to the paper standards would have to be very extremely much higher than now (x 150 ?) , the time line for planning one's own investment always plays a major role.

While bearish forecasts are usually not welcomed by bulls, planning for a realistic scenario is of utmost importance.

At this point in time, it appears that a very very large portion of the gold and silver industry, who for years and decades have been squinting at the fundamentals of scarce gold and silver material and an expanding money supply and thus rising prices, are missing the fact that the FED has no intention whatsoever of reopening the "money floodgates" at a certain point, which many people probably wrongly assume out of habit over the past 20 years. Thus, in the end, a sustainable price increase could even fail to materialize completely and for all time.

"Build Back Better" also means that the future system will run differently than the one of the last 20, 30 or 50 years. This is also a major reason why a rise in prices, as projected in the charts above at the very end of the timeline, might well fail to materialize altogether if the Left's GreatReset is successful. A continuation of a policy of cheap money, which would lead to further economic upswings, could well no longer happen, since this is simply no longer wanted.

Instead, the monetary policies of states and central banks seem to want to plunge the global economy into a years-long ice age, which would put the population to a more than severe test that long not all would pass. Digital asset control seems to be proceeding and the reset could culminate in a forced digital currency while the own assets collapse. Even then, a silver squeeze would be a long way off, gold and silver prices would be stalled for years, and only an installation of the Messiah could change that.

Certainly, this is rather an extreme outlook, especially since movements such as those of the BRICS countries, which are trying to exit the U.S. dollar system based on resources, and also many other developments in recent days give hope that this negative scenario can be averted, it is nevertheless unfortunately possible.

All this is a main reason why already for years if not for decades a large number of people have prepared to secure their own survival in their own networks self-sufficiently with their own land, in which at least the food supply is guaranteed in hard times.

Even if a large part of the gold and silver industry does not recognize the real danger of the GreatReset, so increasingly investors notice that the future downturn could be larger than many think and here with further rising end consumer and food prices almost everyone is taken in the pincers and increasingly. The last years the war took place to a large extent really only in the head, with a longer-term development without setting the Moshiach the war will hit everyone more and more noticeably in the wallet.

So what to do?

The dilemma remains:

1.) Because the money breaks, absolutely parts of the fortune in gold and silver hold!

And possibly for some exactly contradictory:

2.) Absolutely hold parts of the assets in cash! (Not on the bank, because increasing payment defaults worldwide and threatening total loss with possible closure!). In a 2-3 years lasting recession the sale of existing gold and silver could possibly take place only to clear losses in relation to the possibly clearly higher acquisition price. On the other hand already in the next weeks until September clearly low entry prices could show up! Cash is King!

Attention. This is not financial advice. Do not have a crystal ball. There is always the possibility of more positive developments!

Who wants to book spot price-oriented gold and silver on his weight account, makes here a trust account! Attention, only with Ephi Card! More on

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