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What's going on in China?

While discussions on the Internet about this fact are taking off in all sorts of ways, yesterday Jan Nieuwenhuijs on Twitter, who also wrote the ZeroHedge article we covered, made further good comments about it here.

In short, it may be that a very simple circumstance is responsible for this fact of the different prices, namely that the Chinese central bank is temporarily limiting the import and export of gold to China in order to prevent an outflow of the Chinese renminbi prevent and thus support the exchange rate.

This increases the premiums on the stocks in Shanghai.

The thesis that the increased premiums will lead to a further outflow of gold and silver from the West to the East does not seem to be confirmed, because only a few large banks would be in a position to participate in these arbitrage transactions also that the world stock market price continues to fall instead of being pulled up by Shanghai.

If you are interested in the topic in more detail, you can find out more here.

Another interesting discussion arises as many people speculate that the higher price of gold on the Shanghai exchange means that more oil could be bought for gold there, thus further taking the US dollar out of play. However, it is also questionable whether this can be maintained based on the above argument.

The fact is, however, that the demand in China for gold and silver is higher than the Chinese central bank allows and China also has a massive debt problem and the overall economic data there is also catastrophic, which will inevitably result in higher gold and silver prices at some point .

Another silver bar seller in China has now sold short.

The topic is and remains exciting and should be monitored closely!

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PS a message from China has just come in:

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