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Weekly Report, Rafi Farber and the End of Days..

Unfortunately, the Heraeus newsletter is canceled this week, but looking at the prices, everyone quickly noticed what was going on last week.

As expected and announced, gold and silver prices have fallen in the last few weeks and we are slowly getting back into very good purchase price zones that offer everyone good entry-level prices, which you can benefit from most as a participant in the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust the spot price binding there.

With a trust account you get access to our trust exchange and can buy the spot price-bound silver and gold certificates, where each individual certificate is covered by buying a gram of gold or silver on your own weight account.

While we are entering the biggest debt crisis in history and the markets are currently crashing, we are experiencing what may be the last phase in history with still cheap (manipulated and massively undervalued) gold and silver prices, which should encourage every participant to invest their assets in Protecting gold and silver from the increasing devastation of paper money that is just around the corner or that we are already in (TempleCoin reported, see blog.)

Blog subscribers who read our articles regularly know that an even deeper price drop will probably follow in the next few weeks, which will then offer really optimal entry-level prices. Every participant should already keep their powder dry in order to exchange their debt money for real values in the next few weeks.

The Trust has also been right in the past with various market movements, tops and bottoms:

We simultaneously announced the top in the stock markets in December 21 and also announced the 2nd top in the stock markets about 3 weeks ago on July 29.

We called the Gold Top on May 5th this year and also called the DXY Bottom on July 14th this year with a clear indication of falling precious metals prices.

While we continually encourage our customers to maintain their economic viability through regular purchases of gold and silver in times of debt-money destruction, the biblical component is of course also preserved, namely the Torah and prophets being fulfilled, right now, on End of days.

Through the silver and gold TempleCoin, which is intended as a biblical half-shekel coin for building the 12 tribes kingdom and the payments for the temple and the tithe through fair weight, purity and fair trade, TempleCoin now has this product in 3 different editions provided and covers the requirements of God's money in every respect. TempleCoin is also proud to make the Sanhedrin Initiative product available in Israel, worldwide distributors are sought.

Here is our anniversary offer for 3 years of TempleCoin on August 11th. with 3 issues in one, just 4 days before Nixon's gold tie went away in 1971 which was excatly 2000 years after "Ferragosto".


Rafi Farber, our neighbor of the Embassy of the Nation of Ephraim in Katzrin, just yesterday made a good video on the role of silver in the end of days, summarizing many reasons for the Silver TempleCoin.

Rafi gives a lot of good advice here, which we also cover again and again. He's sitting there with Lowell Gallin, our go-to presenter for our stream shows, who we've been in touch with before.

Of course, Rafi is also absolutely right that few Stackers can be able to sustain a disproportionately larger community, one of the main reasons for the establishment of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust in August 2020.

3 years later we are proud to present our next new product, which is designed to meet the needs of the stacker, namely to get as much silver as possible for little money.

Our new 25 oz fine silver bar (777.5 g) is available to order starting today!

The bar will probably be delivered at the beginning of September!

Here is a photo of our first sample:

The bar is also provided with an issue and serial number, so that every buyer receives an absolutely unique piece!

The bar measures 10.6 x 4.7 (top edge 4.3 cm) x 1.5 cm, making it the perfect bar shape. It is therefore perfectly stackable and comes shrink-wrapped!

The introductory price is 777 euros including VAT, but is linked to the silver price.

(We are currently continuing to work hard with the future Sanhedrin to get out of the VAT obligation, then the price will be significantly reduced).

Of course you can also find our other gold and silver products in the shop:

The first edition of the Jewish year 5782.. there are still some available..

Second edition of the Jewish year 5783

Shavuot Special Edition Sanhedrin:

You can find the TempleCoin gold edition of the Jewish year 5782 here:

You can find our 1 gram GoldCard here:

Apart from the physical goods, due to global urgency I would like to reiterate our silver and gold backed certificates, each backed with a gram of silver or gold in your own weight account. You will be able to trade these certificates in our overall trading community via an app. This offer is unrivaled worldwide!

Each certificate is individually covered by us with one gram of silver or gold, which is held in our own LBMA account. Each certificate is re-tradable in our proprietary trading system and corporate certificates are also available to invest in Zion-centric business and ease the transition from Rome to Zion.

You can easily and quickly join the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust:

You can gain access to the trust for a one-time membership payment of 100 euros with the Ephi-Card as a prerequisite for access. So make sure that the TrustAccount is only for EphiCard holders.

If you don't have an Ephi ID card yet, you can take out one here together with the trust account for an additional 100 euros for the Ephi card.


I hope everyone sees the clear signs of the times.

Check out the TempleCoin Shop for more exciting products . Shalom

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