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The bubble bursts and the real thing stays!

After the rising interest rates following the Corona lockdown, the recession is now beginning to have a full impact on the global economy. Everything up to this point was just a foretaste.

The economic data in China is now collapsing and those responsible can no longer be found there. The retreating money supply is having an impact as far away as Germany, where industrial production continues to collapse and is on the verge of completely collapsing.

Insolvencies in Germany rose by 44% (!) in October and gives a foretaste of 2024, where the recession will hit with full force and will also affect the last one.

While most market participants are focused on inflation, the opposite will happen and deflation will now catch people off guard. Producer prices in the Eurozone are collapsing massively. (No orders, etc)

We have covered the underlying reasons again and again, the money supply is declining due to credit costs and we are on the verge of the last and final crash.

In normal market cycle we are now between "return to normal" and "Fear" and are heading for the biggest crash since 1929. The debt money bubble is being deliberately burst, which will last until the year 24.

This will also have consequences for raw material prices. Contrary to many expectations, oil prices are already falling. Palladium, where many expected new high prices some time ago, is already in free fall.

Bank hacks and glitches are already being pushed forward as banks increasingly run into payment problems. You won't get any more money from the bank.

This was a main reason why we have repeatedly pointed out in 2022 that in this last phase we should physically hold credit money stocks. It is unclear whether access to this can be guaranteed permanently at the commercial banks, since they themselves are in massive liquidity problems will come.

The reverse repos, the amount of capital that investors hold at the Fed, has been declining massively since its peak of $2.55 trillion. If the decline continues at this rate, the inventory will be at zero in a few weeks. This is the graphic by which Rafi Farber, for example, always measures his ENDGAME. Because when the funds are used up, it's time to get down to business...

As we have pointed out again and again, this also means a final phase of likely collapsing prices for gold and silver and thus a final buying opportunity!

Everyone who still has credit money available should quickly convert this into gold and silver!

COMEX inventories are currently still retreating. As we have pointed out, we do not see an acute short squeeze connection here, but simply declining inventories due to the expectation of declining demand in the wake of this severe recession.

Citigroup has reduced its SLV Share Holdings by 92%!

Anyone who is able to connect all these economic data knows that the shutdown of the traditional petrodollar credit-money system is in full swing and while some tried to focus on a final phase of impoverishment of the population, the final stage of the digital one To introduce control, the movements are 100% compliant with the debt relief requested by Ephraim to Rothschild and Co in 2018 after the final judgment of the apocalypse.

See Ephraim's of Ephraim's books that explain everything that has been happening for years..there is a lot to discover, especially for the people who have missed it all and are unable to listen.


For us of the Nation of Ephraim, everything is going according to plan and we know what is coming.

Only gold and silver is real money, all other artificial values are destroyed!

After the judgment, which has allready took place in 2018 in Harsewinkel, made by Ephraim, the annointed one, and his establishment as the firstborn Son of God as king, while sitting as head of the state of Santa Sede, the enemies of Israel will now be destroyed.

Torah and prophets are being installed worldwide, which means that all paper values will also be destroyed and the world will go back to the true and valid values. In the field of finance, this is gold and silver.

If you also want to repent and keep God's commandments, you will quickly understand the meaning of the TempleCoin.

While some build an inflatable temple, (look here ) which in this fake time with pompous people everywhere is a good fit to draw attention to the need for the house of God To create all nations in Jerusalem, we want to build the real temple and will probably do so very soon!

In the meantime, start doing the right thing and look here through our various editions of the biblical TempleCoin, the payment for the Third Temple, which is already being accepted by our friends the Orthodox Rabbis as a biblical half-shekel payment.

If you want to remain able to act, you can now build your own gold and silver stack with your own access or trade our silver and gold-backed certificates in the trust exchange, where you have a great price-performance ratio. The best deal since sliced bread.

In addition, trust members, i.e. Ephi card holders who have a trust account, can now buy the silver TempleCoin at a preferential price of 13 euros in the trust exchange.

If you don't have a trust account yet, you can do this here and with an existing Ephi card. The trust account also gives you access to our weight account, where you can physically purchase gold and silver in grams and at the LBMA spot price with only a small markup, an unbeatable service in our opinion.

If you don't have an Ephi ID card yet, you can order it here:

For setting up your own portfolio there is also:

25 Oz silver bars currently only 740 euros!

After testing by a customer, the result was: Highest silver content in our products compared to common, well-known and large manufacturers!

And very important: Here you can have your coins sent to the priest according to the order of Melchizedek and to Israel to build the Sanhedrin and the 12-tribe kingdom of Israel.

Here you can get involved in building the Sanhedrin.

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Only gold and silver is money, everything else is credit!

original graphics with authors on my Twitter profile

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