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Temple talk with Rafi Farber and weekly update

Yesterday there was a good broadcast between 4 Sanhedrin advisors, Ephraim, Rabbi Yosef Edery, Rafi Farber and the TempleCoin trustee on the topic of the current war, gold and silver and how this relates to Torah and the pending resolution. Because the Torah is the timetable...


A few words about the markets: While no one wants to buy the debt anymore, interest rates are rushing higher and higher and the system is racing towards its last day. Stock markets have already fallen sharply since the end of July and, after a current short recovery, will push the world into the ultimate crisis over the year 24.

Gold has risen sharply since the acute outbreak of war in Israel.

In euros we are only very slightly below the high of around 1902.48 on Friday

March 22, but had the highest weekly high ever measured in euros.

In US dollars, the participants are now looking at the $2,000 mark, namely whether the month's closing date this evening is above $2,000, which has never happened before, but even if we close just under $2,000, we have it highest recorded monthly closing in USD, even if we didn't come close to the all-time high of May 4th (May the 4th be with you!).

Of course, most people are now speculating on a sustained upward price breakout, which could bring us to $2,500 (then $3,000, etc.) relatively quickly

The Cup n Handle has never been clearer:

Similarly, $1500 is still in play if we are still in a bear market.

For silver that would be 14 - 18 dollars per ounce.

In euros, however, it would fall less sharply due to the exchange rate, but 1600 dollars would easily be possible here too.

Silver in euros could still be available for 16-17 euros per ounce.

Although gold has gained around 10% in the price of credit money on average every year since 1971, individual years have been highly volatile. Many of the world's credit currencies are currently inflating; we have already seen peak prices in all sorts of countries.

Only physically holding gold and silver is able to compensate for these currency fluctuations in the price and settlement can only take place in grams that you physically hold. (When you don't hold it, you don't own it).

I would like to end with 2 threads that explain well why we could still be in a bear market for gold and silver and why that can definitely have the corresponding consequences of a final price collapse, even if the structural undervaluation of this money of God gold and silver 100% is given.

A revaluation of gold and silver and its explosion in purchasing power of every single gram will definitely take place when an establishment of the 12 Tribe Kingdom is implemented based on Torah and Prophets, which is why the war in Israel is now the beginning, the entire global community into the story to draw in the Jewish people and Jerusalem.

First here from "The Great Martis" (Twitter)

More interesting, however, is this thread by Jonathan Mergott, which I ask everyone to read for themselves.

Jonathan Mergott uses many facts to show that we are

1.) have been in a bear market since 2020 and

2.) that inventories in the Comex simply always decrease when inventories are simply reduced in bear markets due to decreasing demand, which is what we have been experiencing since the peak in August 2020. According to Mergott, this has nothing to do with an acute SilverSqueeze, as the community often incorrectly judges.

3) According to Mergott, it is also clear that the increasingly aggressive movements of the markets are able to do one thing in particular, namely deceive bulls and bears alike and always do the unexpected, which is why both parts are shaved regularly and more and more violently become.

One thing is clear...the derivatives, the artificial paper values are finally collapsing:

Fortunately we are not “fucked” but know that the Bible is being fulfilled in our time. The world is going back to fair weight and purity which only gold and silver can bring a fair and reliable trade for people.

As can be seen in the video above, the Nation of Ephraim's collaboration with the House of Judah (the Jews) has visibly progressed in the effort to build the highest and currently needed post-Torah court, the Sanhedrin.

If people increasingly realize that it is about the people of Israel, which is made up of Jews and non-Jews, and start doing the right thing, then the wealth of the nations can come back to Jerusalem and humanity can be at peace and live justice.

First step for you would be your own payment of the Silver TempleCoin in the form of the annual payment so that we know that you exist and the priest can put in a good word for you after the order of Melchizedek, because we were all wrong .

Here you can get involved in building the Sanhedrin so that the 12-tribe kingdom can be reinstated (and socialist democracy can finally be ended!)

You can take your own precautions here:

If you understand that debt money is currently finally collapsing, then build your own portfolio.

Current price hit of the 25 Oz silver bar, currently only 740 euros!

Here you can order TempleCoins for your pocket to further establish God's payment channel.

Shavuot Special Edition Sanhedrin:

You can find our 1Gramm GoldCard here:


The Trust's holdings remained the same this week at 224,888 kilograms of silver.

If you would like to become a member of the trust and thus have access to your own weight account, please follow the instructions.

Access to the trust in order to trade silver and gold at the spot price on your weight account is available for a one-off membership payment of 100 euros with access to the Ephi Card. So make sure that the TrustAccount is only for EphiCard holders.

If you don't have an Ephi ID card yet, you can get it here together with the trust account for an additional 100 euros for the Ephi card.

Here you can bless Israel and take part in building the Sanhedrin.

Currently our coins are being delivered by Rabbi Edery to the soldiers at war so that they can carry out the commandment of counting after the end of the war and thus God watches over the soldiers!

Check out the TempleCoin Shop for more exciting products.

Shalom to all Israelites.

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