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Sukkot 2023 - Feast of Tabernacles

Sukkot is just around the corner and every Israelite after Moses is required to appear before the house of the Lord and use 10% of their yearly earnings to have an intoxicating party before the Lord with grilled meat, wine and intoxicating drink .

In the parashah "Re-eh" everyone can read from chapter 14:22:

You shall faithfully tithe all the produce of your seed, which grows in the field, year after year, and you shall eat before the LORD your God in the place that he shall choose to make his name dwell there, namely, a tenth of your grain, and of your fresh juice, and of your oil, and of the firstborn of your herds and of your flocks, so that you may learn to fear the LORD your God every day.

And it goes on from verse 24:

But if the way is too far for you to go there, because the place is too far for you, which the LORD your God will choose to put his name there, when the LORD your God bless you, then you shall give it for money. And then bind the money in your hand and go to the place that the LORD your God will choose! And give that Money for everything that your soul desires, for cattle and sheep, for wine and liquor and for everything that your soul desires! And eat there before the LORD your God, and rejoice, you and your house!

The instructions are simple and are now 100% possible to implement thanks to the provision of the Silver TempleCoin and its acceptance by the House of Judah, because it is clear: no substitutes in the form of euros, dollars or credit cards are meant here, but the money of God. In the Hebrew original it says כסף (Kessev) which means silver and further that it should be gauged and minted and no derivatives of silver are meant.

Rafi Farber, the endgame investor, explained this very well in his recent show.

So: Convert 10% of your annual income into Silver TempleCoins and take them to Jerusalem to celebrate the Lord with an intoxicating party.

Example: If your annual income is e.g. 15,000 euros, then convert 1500 of them into TempleCoins and bring them to Israel and spend them there, which, depending on the price, would be around 100 TempleCoins, which you can spend on the best goods .

We're talking the best Golan wine at 1-2 coins a bottle, high proof spirits from David's Distillery, limited edition, 10 coins a bottle and the best eat what you can BBQ with kosher Golan beef steaks and lamb chops, roasted over the fire by grill expert Pini for 4 coins a day

DAVIDS DISTILLERY" in the Golan is already the first business that has agreed to accept the Silver TempleCoin as payment for its high-quality spirits. The establishment of an Exchange in the Holy Land will take place at our Embassy and other locations.

Even in the above example, there would certainly be some left over from the 100 TempleCoins that you can leave in Israel as zadake at the end of the party. You could also get one of our patented 777.5g fine silver bars, which you can put directly into the Temple Treasury and still get 48 TempleCoins, which should be enough for the extensive party.

Either way, the Nation of Ephraim Embassy and the Sanhedrin Initiative War & Situation Room are offering a never-before-possible experience in the Holy Land to literally fulfill God's commandment to get drunk and have a great kosher party.< /p>

Travel planning can be done as usual via Antjes Israelreisen ( are made and some Ephis have already booked.

You can find out more on our relevant channels and of course on

Your Silver TempleCoins and our TempleCoin Silver Bar can be found here:

Shalom and see you soon in the Holy Land!

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