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Stocks continue to slide, money market on the brink of a showdown

By now, everyone should probably realize that the markets are in a tailspin and this simple fact should no longer be hidden from the general public.

Nasdaq almost in free fall

S&P500 towards 3500 for now...

The Dax can the Germans still something nice talk, comes here probably a little later...

The dollar index remains strong, which has the background that the other currencies measured in the dollar index depreciate more than the dollar itself, especially euro and Japanese yen and euro

The euro continues to slide

Bitcoin also rushing off

The ruble has stabilized even further in recent weeks, which clearly proves the Russians' financial policy right. (Rumors of an official peg of the ruble to gold have already been doing the rounds for several weeks, hier ein Artikel. von Ronan Manly)

In view of the markets described above, it is extremely unclear how the Fed intends to push through further interest rate hikes in June and July.

The fact that interest rates are becoming more expensive has an impact above all on the situation of the states themselves, for which it is becoming increasingly difficult to finance themselves on the money markets.

Interest rates on government bonds are already on the rise, creating a threatening outlook.

The fed funds rate, the interest rate at which banks themselves lend money to each other, is also expected to rise again this year if the Fed sticks to its interest rate moves, putting severe pressure on the interbank system if it rises above a certain critical level.

Note also that these movements will also spread to the mortgage markets and therefore to the real estate markets, where mortgage rates are already rising and severely limiting the extension of real estate loans, which will bring a lot of pressure on real estate prices.


And how do gold and silver behave in all this?

Even though we went out on a limb again yesterday and made a, as so often, very optimistic forecast that the gold price has already made its low (all too often the wish is the father of the thought and the gold price is certainly still threatened to make another low), there is still the concrete possibility that our forecast was correct.

At least we are still holding the support coming out of 2018 today. Whether that remains so, is admittedly something on the tipping point but with a little luck we could run again towards 1900 dollars. We will certainly know this more precisely in the next few days.

Silver, which for the public is in the shadow of gold and mostly follows the course of big brother gold, has made new lows today, which we have not seen for almost 2 years and can have a dramatic effect in the short term.

However, from our perspective, these were only possible as long as gold did not give a clear signal as to whether the trend reversal was confirmed.

However, if gold pulls up again, silver will also stabilize here again.

The gold-silver ratio comes to mind here.

In pessimistic market situations, silver falls more than gold, but then it rises relatively more than gold when prices rise again.

In the crash of the last weeks, the ratio has risen from about 76 to about 85, this will also reverse again, should gold regain some air.

We are definitely in the end game for the question of real money and that is why we also know that gold and silver will be left as winners on the playing field especially in the event of a confirmed bursting of the bubble. Especially in these times when paper currencies are depreciating and markets are increasingly contracting, gold and silver will end up on the stage as the crowning winner in terms of value preservation and purchasing power protection for all to see.

We have here perhaps still few weeks or also perhaps still a few months, in order to make last and final movements of the protection of the own fortune:

Out of debt money driven asset classes, purely into the structure of the own gold and silver depot!

The Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust offers here the world-wide best possibilities to let administer the own precious metal gramwise on the own weight account and the possibility of the financing of new enterprises over silver and gold-covered certificates is the best and simplest possibility value-preserving and secured into new enterprises to invest and purely paper money-driven castles in the air to avoid.

Via the trading system of gram-based certificates we are able to rebuild the world trading system from one day to the other, which will be of enormous importance especially in times of a planned GREAT RESET and impending food catastrophes, in order to rebuild the world quickly but constructively, i.e. conducively and edifyingly on a new and healthy system. This must serve the people and not just a few who control everything.

The Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust is the perfect embodiment of such a trading and monetary system.

You don't have an account with the Trust yet? (Attention, only with Ephi-Card)

Here you can get account and Ephi-Card

With the account you will have access to the Trust Exchange and our Silver Backed Corporate Certificates.

God's money for the temple:


If you are more interested in the exciting topic of currency, debt and money markets, which are currently in their endgame, we recommend today the channel from the Marketsniper, which brings the topic very well to the point!

So always take precautions and buy gold and silver while you can!

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