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Silver in particular in US dollars showed a very strong daily candle this week Wednesday, again as US inflation data came in slightly below expectations. Gold has also risen in US dollar terms and the dollar has plummeted. Many investors seem to be hoping that the big review has been averted, over 90% of all GoldSilver specialists are now seeing the big upward price breakthrough again, perhaps an indicator that things will turn out differently?

TempleCoin remains skeptical, remains in the bear camp and is just wondering whether we are already in the second major downward wave of this "recession" or whether it will only come after a brief GoldAllTimeHigh, which if around $2160-2200 would lie, if it ever comes to that.

Yes, gold and silver are the first to come out of the quark after a recession, but the question is whether we are already there or in 1 or 2 years at the earliest.

The price of gold in euros even fell slightly further this week due to the strong euro. The dollar and gold have also been running less inversely in sync lately, and both were often weak at the same time, which is also a rather deceptive sign. The markets have basically been in a single exceptional situation for years.

The big question will be whether the DXY, which admittedly looks kind of dreadful, will continue falling as many are expecting to as high as 94, or turn higher when almost nobody is expecting it. At least yesterday it turned slightly up again on the support that has been coming from 2015 for 8 years.

At least the interest rates on government bonds in the US give the impression that they are about to face the next wave of interest rate hikes, so I wouldn't be surprised if the DXY suddenly turned up.

The real money endgame is not over yet.


Overall, however, it looks as if 2024 will be the year of decision in many respects, because not only General Flynn and others expect that there may no longer be an election 24 due to extraordinary BlackSwan events, Klaus Schwab and his advisor have also openly said what they expect for 2024/25:

At some point the world will be at the final crossroads anyway. At least we Ephis know the written end, namely then gold and silver are again counted in grams and no longer in euros or dollars!


Anyone who wants to participate in the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust and would like to exchange their debt money for gold and silver can currently best buy the Trust TempleCoin certificates at the relative daily price of 1.81 today, each certificate covered by one grams of silver.

If the investment sum is sufficient, new silver products can be made available as a matter of priority.

TempleCoin plans here

1) 25 Oz bullion fine silver (777.5g)

2) 1 oz of fine silver at an attractive investment price

3) Another New Annual coin would be due in mid-September, but the overall production considerations must be weighed up due to the still small group of buyers.

Anyone who wants to participate in the production of new products buys the TempleCoin certificates for the expenses described.

Thank you, Have a nice weekend and Shabbat Shalom!


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