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Silver & Gold cheaper every day

With TrustAccount you get direct access to our Trust Exchange, where you can find various Zion-centered businesses from our nation of Ephraim to invest in the largest carryover in history.

See our "Trading System" page to understand how our unique silver and gold trust works.

Click on the image and you will be redirected

Currently, the Trust offers certificates of the 3 sectors a) technology b) real economy and c) media in addition to the simple silver and gold backed certificates.

Concrete ventures can be listed with the Trust. Currently listed with the Trust are

1) Exodus 2.0 (container and transport business to Israel)

2) Ephraim Media Truth (word and picture trademark, licenses)

3) PRO27 (LocationPurchase Heirloom) and

4) TCO ( and building the factory in Samaria).

You can find the ventures in the trust exchange with trust account access and get a connection to the gold and silver market with spot price access updated 2 times a day.

Currently gold and silver are running exactly as we predicted 2 weeks ago in our Torah Club community:

Silver has also rolled off to the downside, as expected.

The DXY is in the process of breaking through to the upside (went lower than thought) and also the gold silver ratio is rising again as expected.


Gold could continue to fall for about 1 more week and then correct back up until about mid-March and then probably fall massively to lower lows, meaning we are currently seeing better buy prices almost daily that everyone should take advantage of!


Furthermore, the next shipment of TempleCoins with our production manager David Lekkebusch is already heading to the Holy Land next week for the Sanhedrin Initiative.

Anyone can co-order their Coins to support the Sanhedrin Initiative here and their Coins will arrive directly to Rabbi Edery in a few days. Check here to learn more!


TempleCoin shipping is underway! Packages are going in and out and we hope for a new location in the Holy Land soon

The next issue of TempleCoin is already slowly being planned and production is also being improved in coordination with the production committee!

By purchasing the simple TempleCoin certificates TCO in the Trust Exchange, you can help invest in TempleCoin, participate in building our site in Israel, and keep our actions moving forward.


Here you can still order the issue 5783, because this will surely be out of stock soon. Templecoin's regular issues lay a beautiful foundation for any coin collection.


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