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Short GoldSilver update and travel report.

Even though with yesterday's dramatic events we have probably entered the final phase before the Messiah will be reveald to everyone (Zarchiah 9), here are the very dry summaries of the money market over the last few weeks.

From our last article from September 27th:

"Gold has now fallen below $1,900 once again, clearing the way to up to $1,800 for the time being."

We were clearly right with this forecast, because gold then fell quickly and sharply in US dollars to as low as $1,810 and then found a short-term bottom here last week It will probably only take a few days to go up from here. Of course, the recent war in Israel will now pump gold and silver (similar to oil) upwards again and it remains to be seen whether the long-standing bearish forecast of even lower prices by spring 2024 will become invalid.

While the financial markets are currently absolutely collapsing even without the new war, it is only a matter of time until God's money sees its absolute and deserved explosion in purchasing power. Will the war in Israel be the last black swan?

In euros, the price of gold has lost almost 100 euros since the end of September and we are now and here in the range of good purchase prices. A likely further euro devaluation by the end of the year will cause euro prices to fall less, even if the USD price hits a new low, which could still be possible from the end of October.

Should this be the case and gold in USD actually continues to fall, a further collapse in paper prices would be a last historic buying opportunity where everyone should fill their holdings if the current Wasn't the price catapulted straight from here to a new all-time high.

We will probably be able to see very soon whether one case or the other occurs.


And despite the terrible events, it can be said: the trustee's short trip to Israel for Sukkot, even if it is now overshadowed by the worst attack on Israel since the founding of the state, was a complete success and important further foundations in the cooperation between Ephraim and Judah were laid here.

In general, it was clear that our Kazrin troop had really shaken up Jerusalem. TempleCoins are making the rounds everywhere and there have been several signs that the news of the non-Jews keeping the Torah and bringing silver is making the rounds in this small country. Often the eyes of a Jewish recipient start to light up when you give them a silver TempleCoin and word undoubtedly gets around.

The highlight was of course the very ingenious sukkah in our embassy in Kazrin, because it provided an optimal atmosphere for nice meetings and conversations and I would especially like to thank our boys on site for the wonderful hours there in the sukkah.

1) A meeting with Rafi Farber confirmed his full support for building our new Exchange in Kazrin. (Exchange = exchange booth to exchange any debt currency into silver and gold products and back, as well as to exchange silver and gold products with each other.)

Since there are only a few suppliers of gold and silver products in Israel, we fill an absolute gap in the market with our offer and can meet the demand for physical gold and silver 100% through fast delivery.

2) Our first order of our 25 ounce silver bar from local residents has been delivered to them and follow-up orders have already been confirmed. Our bars are already in great demand in the Holy Land.

3) A meeting with the Levite Moshe Cohen, who is also a Sanhedrin advisor, was also extremely successful, because Moshe is now taking on the responsibility of setting up the Temple Treasury and is absolutely ready to work according to the necessary specifications Development of a charter to make TempleTreasury legal and capable of acting as a corporation and in the second step the further establishment of the inventory management system that we have in place and is absolutely necessary, where every gram is billed individually between the different holders and storage locations

In addition, Rauschrank was paid with TempleCoins, one of the many truly historic moments.

Previously, I and some Ephis were in Haifa and visited Rabbi Ben Zion Gagula, who motivatedly pushed for Germans and Jews to expand their joint business activities in order to move things in the right direction. These activities will also begin soon.

Another highlight of my short trip was the visit to Trump Heights in the Golan.

It's nice to know that biblical prophecy is being fulfilled in our time and we shouldn't forget that, especially in the current war and sometimes dark hours.

My thoughts and best hopes are with my brothers and sisters in the Holy Land in this hopefully final battle.


When day Everyone now decides for themselves how much gold and silver they will enter the kingdom with and should exchange regularly in order to participate in the average price.

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Each certificate is individually backed by us with one gram of silver or gold, which is stored in our own LBMA account. Each certificate is further tradable in our own trading system and company certificates are also available.

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