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Real Money of Hashem Refined in Fire

While the Trustee will bring the Tithe of the Israelites in pure Silver in person tomorrow to Israel, is looking forward to take the next step with the house of Judah to lay the groundwork to bring all the wealth of the Nations to the Holy Land in the Coming year 5784.

While the first orders of the House of Judah are coming in for our great products in Silver for example our great 25 Oz Silver Bar, also the stock for the upcoming Temple Treasury in the Holy Land is panned to be build by the tithe of the Israelites.

For that we hope to take the next step in figuring out with our jewish brothers how to create TrustCompanies in Concrete for the Sanhedrin Initiative and also for the TempleTreasury that all the wealth can be directed into the right channels in a traceable manner, so that Ephraim and Judah can establish the Sanhedrin, end Amalek and founding the 12Tribe Kingdom to finally build the Temple of Hashem.

Down there is a video where you can watch a presentation where it is explained exactly how the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust and his TrustCompanies work! Take a watch!

This is a great time to be alive and i am looking forward to meet our brothers from the House of Judah soon.

Here you can stack your Silver or pay your Tithe.

Just write in the order if you want to have your silver delivered or if you want it to give it for establishing the Kingdom of Hashem.

The 25 Ounce Silver Bar is price reduced because of the falling silver prices, you can get for 740,- Euro after the Silver Price falls on 20,97 Euro on Sukkot.

Presentation about the Trust and its Companies from minute 3:09:25 till 3:47:00!


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