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Now fear is creeping into the markets!

One or two bulls in the stock markets are slowly realizing that their hopes for higher highs are currently not being fulfilled.

NasDaq, SPX have now broken through downwards and fear is slowly creeping into the markets.

SPX has lost support, Nasdaq and DAX are also starting to fall through lower...

Google lost more than 10% yesterday, making it its worst day since March 2020.

Government bonds are also still in free fall.

as interest rates continue to rise in the fastest interest rate rise in history..

...the rise in interest rates after the Corona lockdown and the final expansion of debt money at that time is the actual reason why the markets have been stalled for two years. The credit money system has been “suspended” in the last 2 years. And now, somewhat delayed, the free fall of the markets begins and the official recession begins. 2024 could be a catastrophe for the mainstream and that's what I'm assuming.

In the psychological market cycle that we have often mentioned, we are now at the beginning of the “FEAR” point, which will begin to creep into market participants from now on.

Above all, the availability of cash, the paper money created from nothing, could well be at risk from 2024 onwards, or participants will come under increasing pressure from now on, bankruptcies will increase massively, etc.

Last year deceived investors so badly because the wave of recovery before complacency was extremely high this time. Even gold has often suggested in the last 2 years that it is setting new all-time highs...which will most likely soon turn out to be a ploy for everyone to see, because before gold and silver find their final bottom, I expect a final and final price recovery , which could soon offer us the absolute best and perhaps last chance at absolute purchase prices.

Gold in euros has not yet reached its all-time high of 1900 euros and the Euro/USD exchange rate continues to turn downwards...the US dollar index continues to fight its way up. The dollar is the last refugee currency in this endgame, while the others are already destroyed.

The euro is currently collapsing in use worldwide compared to the USD.

The gold and silver ratio also gives us an important indication of the short-term development of gold and silver prices, which could have finally broken out of its triangle upwards in the last few days and thus possibly a final spike upwards, similar to the one in beginning of Corona lockdown, indicates.

This would offer us a final buying opportunity in cheap gold and silver prices in the next few months, in which the last buyer should then get in before the debt money collapses completely!

A supporting indication of this short-term price development is that silver, as well as gold and silver mines, did not participate in the recent increase in gold. Gold rises quickly in short-term crisis reports, but then quickly returns to the actually effective forces in global liquidity. And after the last few decades, this has intentionally and dramatically fallen. Here is the money supply M1 for the euro area!

Regularly buying gold and silver at the average price has been highly recommended in recent years, but clever investors prefer to buy at lower levels than at the peak price, namely when it is about to collapse again.

Gold and silver are in recessions and when the real “Flight to Safety” begins, although they are the first to recover after a price crash, but in my opinion this point has not yet been reached and from a chart perspective we still have to expect a final low, which we should certainly see in the next few months.

Of course, developments on the world stage can also quickly drive gold to new highs and, moreover, it is known that an official installation of Ephraim will leave gold and silver as the last means of payment, whose purchasing power explosion will increase exorbitantly and unimaginably at this moment.

Seen from this point of view, every debt price of gold and silver today is cheap and, based on what the world expects, it is advisable to enter at almost any price.

However, it has been stupid in recent years when holders of gold and silver have to sell their holdings below the purchase price because they had short-term liquidity pressure. You want to avoid this at all costs. Even if a market is subject to such strong fluctuations as in recent years, you still want to plan your entry at least a little, especially when it comes to larger sums that you want to exchange for gold and silver.

For small investors, regular purchases at the average price are the best way to build up holdings in gold and silver!

With a trust account you can create your own weight account with us and have the opportunity to regularly exchange part of your income for gold and silver every month, at a very attractive price with us.

Your holdings of gold and silver will determine your further ability to act if all paper assets from now on begin the free fall until they are dissolved, which the broad mainstream will also feel in a few weeks!

Finally, this chart image of Bitcoin, which gives a premature indication of what is to come for other derivatives.

It is likely that Bitcoin will now begin its final journey towards zero, even negative prices (!) are likely, similar to what we even saw with oil 2 or 3 years is a chart from Fernando on Twitter, which I think is very realistic.

Long story short...

the broad mainstream will soon be woken from its slumber!

As Rabbi Berger from MT Zion noted years ago in Israel365News: Only when it comes to their own pockets do people begin to cry out to God again after decades of serving false gods and lulling themselves into a false sense of security and becoming alienated from the natural and truth.

I wish all trust members and those who will become trust members that they prepare well for what is to come. They still have a final phase of opportunity, which might not last too long.


The trust was able to increase its holdings this week to 224,888 kilograms of silver.

If you would like to become a member, please follow the instructions.

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