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New ATH in what?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

The gold & silver crowd is once again going strong due to a bullish gold run in recent weeks that has now briefly lifted gold to a new all-time high of $2,152 per ounce. Almost 100% of all stackers now expect a price breakout of up to $2500 or even $3500-4000 next year. But will this one also come or is it already?

The euphoria in gold has been and is at least unbelievable in the last few days and I wonder whether these people are now selling all their gold in this short upward price breakout or whether they are just being confused by a superficial price picture that they have Basically it doesn't do much, except that the number of grams that can now be bought for the same amount of central bank money is now smaller.

I wrote on July 14th:

"Many investors seem to be hoping that the big review has been averted, over 90% of all GoldSilver specialists now see the big upward price breakout again, perhaps more of an indicator that things will turn out differently? TempleCoin remains skeptical, remains in the bear camp and only wonders whether we are already in the second big downward wave of this “recession”. or this only comes after a short GoldAllTimeHigh, which would be around 2160-2200 dollars e, if it happens at all."

Although we didn't reach this 2160, we stayed just below it at 2152, but we have already lost a lot since then and are already below the last week's closing figure week as well as below the all-time highs that have already been hit 4 times in the last few years since 2020. We have not yet broken above the upper limit of our chart, which we have posted again and again.

Therefore, I think a price pullback to even $1,400 or $1,500 is still possible, even if this seems unbelievable to most. I see the reasons in an absolute and acute danger of a global credit and liquidity crisis in our entire world financial debt construct, which is historically unprecedented after the credit system began to be shut down as part of a Great Reset in 20/21 and the still looming threat The second downward wave of the markets after the first, which began in December 2021, is now about to hit and the recession has now officially begun after the interest rate increases, with a delay. The beginning of this second downward wave after the deceptive “everything is back to normal” would cause the downward pressure on the markets to have a huge impact and could also drag gold and silver down again. Most people here still wouldn't be prepared for this.

@mcm_ct_usa on Twitter

At least for gold, if the $2150 per ounce of gold were to be sustainably broken upwards, this bearish view would be invalid once and for all, the bulls would have won and we can expect sustained new and higher price levels for gold in the US. Dollars, the gold/silver bulls' hopes that they had held for years would have clearly been fulfilled here and I would then have officially been wrong. The next few weeks should certainly clarify this.

In the gold euro price, where we have already seen a new all-time price high, a higher gold price than $2150 would cause us to break out of the upward trend channel that has been running for years, otherwise I will still stay here the possibility of price setbacks that can go up to +- 1700 euros per ounce and should offer absolute buying opportunities!

For silver we wrote on October 20th: "Silver really needs to have the 25 first and then the 26 dollars that it really breaks out of the chart picture that has been running for years. So long, nothing new has really happened here.

So far, silver, which has lagged heavily behind gold, has actually only hit $25.92 an ounce and has since fallen back. Which of the two rectangles will be hit first, the green or the red?

A short-term spike above the upper limit of the triangle is not yet unusual, only a real overcoming of $26 could and would really open up room for growth towards $50, but unfortunately The gold and silver ratio still gives no indication that it is falling downwards, on the contrary, it has been moving upwards again for the last 2 days. (A lower ratio tends to mean higher silver prices, a breakout of the ratio up from the triangle can give us cheaper silver prices).

You can see in the following graphic whether the red or the green square is hit also depends on how you draw the ark. Are we in the green or the red ark, in which timeline does the outbreak take place and which square will be hit first?

My impression is that the lovers of the divine precious metal are now once again chasing the price too early and, based on their own desired situation, are simply hoping that the price breakout will already take place now, while it may still be in its infancy due to the highly critical global credit shutdown greatest deflationary phase occurs.

You should also consider what short-term price breakouts can bring to the individual, as selling your precious metal for a few euros more may not be desirable before the debt collapses completely, unless you are forced to do so due to a lack of liquidity. However, a reduction in your own gram depot when you sell it basically only represents a loss in your depot, unless you buy more cheaply later.

The current situation for the Silver Euro chart is as follows:


Even though I am currently almost alone in my view of the markets in the entire GoldSilver community, since almost everyone without exception is already celebrating a real upward breakout, I still hope to be able to provide some clarity about the current price situation.< /p>

As I said, if an upward breakout were to be sustainably confirmed in the next few weeks, the bearish view would be proven wrong once and for all, but it is still too early to say.

At least we have often pointed out that the gold and silver mines have so far lagged behind the gold price and that this rather reflects the outlook for the highly critical recession that is just beginning.

It should also not be forgotten that the markets are repeatedly expecting a period of interest rate cuts by central banks and yes, this would catapult gold and silver prices to higher levels. The only question is whether the markets are mistaken here and whether there will simply be no interest rate reduction phase this time, due to the planned end of the debt money system (Great Reset) and the resulting price increases would collapse again.

It also remains unclear whether gold and silver will directly rise in the event of a further currency collapse, once the slumping demand due to the widening recession hits the markets in abundance.

At least the entire collapse of the credit-driven banking system is currently the greater danger and from a certain point onwards only the valuation in grams counts and no longer a price measured in dollars or euros. The current gold price of over 2000 dollars is more of an ominous warning about the state of the debt system.

So for a long time the trust has only been concerned with the question of the grams:

How many do you have and at what price are you able to buy more?

At least the trust was able to increase its silver holdings this week to 227,279.89 kg, while the gold holdings remained the same at 1,803.64 kg.

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"Gold doesn't change. It's just the world around it that changes.


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