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Great Reset: Debt Equals Assets Equals ZERO, Rest: Gold & Silver

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Economic data is looking increasingly disastrous and will heat up weekly from now on.

Debt destruction, which is equivalent to wealth destruction, is in full swing.

There is good reason to believe that equity markets have found their second top after December 21 in the last 10 days and there is only one direction left: down, while global capital movements flee to the perceived safe haven of government bonds.

From my point of view, this brought us to the turning point of the markets, from which our situation will worsen every week, possibly with a major crash from October at the latest to next year, here using the NASDAQ as an example.

But how did this happen?

We have covered the exorbitant global debt curve many times:

The fundamental problem, however, is that the cost of global debt has skyrocketed over the past 2 years, which is now starting to seep through to markets, choking global lending and putting existing borrowers under increasing and massive pressure while consumer and energy prices are entering the next wave of price increases.

Here are the annual interest payments by the US government of almost 1 trillion US dollars (German 970 billion, almost a trillion!)

while US tax bills plummet..

The interest rates on the largest money market are currently 5.13%, the highest level since 2007 and are thus the strongest and fastest interest rate increase in history.

30-year mortgage rates are at their highest level in 23 years.

3-month Treasury Bills (short-term government borrowing) with highest interest rates since 2001.

Interest rates are likely to rise further soon. Each additional percentage point will cause assets to plummet.

At the same time, the banks are restricting their lending, which is why credit is shrinking and liquidity is also being sucked from the market here.

Global liquidity collapses massively:

This describes the fundamental problem: there is a bottleneck in global liquidity and the markets are being massively stalled.

US-China foreign trade is in near free fall.

China's export prices plummet:

Container costs at pre-pandemic level, global trade collapses

As far as the end consumer is concerned: credit card interest rates in particular have seen the strongest increase in decades.

Accordingly, new loans collapse and indicate the recession here too.

In Germany, too, interest rates are rising massively. 30-year government bonds are at their highest level since 2014, drawing liquidity.

Especially in Germany, the gross national product is also close to free fall.

German industrial production just before the slump:

Construction industry in Germany to new lows very soon:

Especially the rising interest rates in Japan are putting pressure on US government bonds, on the liquidity of the US dollar and are putting pressure on the carry trade.

Meanwhile, it is very likely that stock markets have already found their second top (after December 21). Here suddenly increasing volume as SPY sells off after US credit rating decline.


The Flippening" is currently sitting (see above):

After benefiting from the rally in the stock markets in recent months, prices are now falling there and money is looking for a "safe haven" in government bonds.

This is just the beginning of this process and will most likely cause the stock markets to plummet.

What happens to other asset classes meanwhile? Here, for example, house prices in the US, which are currently collapsing more than in 2008.

On the other hand, we find rising courses in energy prices:

Gasoline prices hit a new price high

30-year mortgage rates plus gas prices make for the most expensive cost for homeowners in 20 years.

The average monthly cost of buying a new car is increasing massively..

Rice in Asia is at its highest price since 2008..

From a technical point of view, the wheat price can also quickly break through upwards again and with the regular destruction of harvests and storage warehouses, there can also be a lot of pressure on prices from this side until the last phase of hyperinflation or the complete destruction of debt money.

In this overall process, the world basically only has 2 options: either transfer the system to total currency control through digital central bank money or return to gold and silver as actual stable money, which is why central banks are preparing for both sides, which is done through the regular gold purchases becomes clear.

The fundamental battle between good and evil is also taking place in the financial system, while the CBDC system has already been tested and is nearing completion

( only gold and silver can preserve the market participant's freedom and guarantee orderly management.

How the last few meters of the currency reset will play out will be extremely exciting and at some point the last day will also be the last day.

What does the purely technical analysis of gold and silver say?

Gold is experiencing a setback and a return to the black box is quite possible as liquidity collapses around the world.

Unfortunately, a real price breakout as the gold bulls' hope has not materialized to this day. However, how deep it really goes can be observed very closely on a daily basis, since a sudden turnaround in the markets can also occur at any time due to the political and economic framework conditions (e.g. BlackSwan event, credit event, CBDC currency, break in the narrative by Trump, Israel, massive fluctuation in gold and silver etc)

(PS Gold can pull up again in the short term in next 2 weeks)

Silver is also fundamentally in danger of falling further down and has never breached the upper limit.

A retracement into the black box is increasingly likely, offering our Trust clients a unique and perhaps final opportunity to swap debt holdings into cheap spot price-linked Trust S Certificates in order to at least buy on the bottom and of upcoming price increases to benefit.

(2weeks gain coming shortterm)

We recently had a chart development similar to that of silver in XRP.

In addition, the gold/silver ratio, which most bulls already saw falling, did not and instead is now pulling up again.

With a "normal" economic course of a longer recession under the conditions described without the political and theological background, it would not be surprising if the silver price actually stayed between 12 and 22 dollars for a few more years, even if the narrative was broken early due to accompanying circumstances on the world stage, it is very likely earlier.

If this were not the case, gold could also remain at the pushed-back price level for years, but nobody already knows how the conversion to digital central bank money or a price peg to gold and silver will work out in concrete terms. At least the trustee assumes that the new Brics currency has only little or little influence on a real change in the gold price, since there is no information about a really concrete gold bond in the sense of a concrete permanent gold purchase, or to say, the direct possible exchangeability into gold does not seem to exist.

As every Trust customer knows, a breaking of the narrative on the world stage is more likely from the USA-Israel team due to the underlying connections. (See

But even without Jerusalem, an eventual breakout to the upside in gold and silver would be inevitable from the price lows.

For Gold:

For silver:

The argument from gold and silver bulls that the Comex could bleed dry practically overnight, causing the physically scarce material silver and its price to skyrocket overnight as well, is countered by this publication by Nate Fisher, which we will discuss in more detail in another article under the magnifying glass.

Basically, however, the facts remain unchanged, that precisely due to the current abrupt bursting of the debt money bubble, all purchasing power will fall into gold and silver at time X, which will not only bring its price manipulation to an abrupt end, but also a revaluation of gold and silver will accompany. Silver basically sits below gold in the inverted purchasing power pyramid as the dollar started silver pegged before the Fed dollar and we will be going back to the start.

Those who can fall back on a stock of gold and silver at this time will not only be able to act, but will also receive a considerable fortune through their purchasing power explosion.

However, the way there can still be bumpy and since no one knows when a more massive break in the narrative will take place, everyone should already use every price drop in gold and silver to replenish their holdings to the best of their ability.

The simple Trust S and Trust G certificates from the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust, where one gram of silver or gold is purchased on your own weight account for each certificate, are in excellent shape and are unrivaled anywhere in the world.

Each certificate is individually covered by us with one gram of silver or gold, which is held in our own LBMA account. Each certificate can be traded in our own trading system and company certificates are also available.

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You can gain access to the trust for a one-off membership payment of 100 euros with the Ephi-Card as a prerequisite for access. So make sure that the TrustAccount is only for EphiCard holders.

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