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Good article on ZeroHedge about the gold markets

Zerohedge published an article yesterday that summarizes how gold pricing works quite well.

The West is Losing Control over the Gold Price.

At the same time, there are huge developments in German-Jewish relations, which are summarized here perfectly.

Together this gives me the following picture:

The West is definitely losing control of the price of gold because a settlement of the Ephraim case mentioned in the second article will end all gold and silver price manipulation forever after an orderly transition to a New Order where gold and silver as God's money are the foundation .

In the short term, things look like this:

Are we in the biggest CupnHandle ever and if so, is the breakout imminent? Or is it going down again?

In the above article on gold price formation, however, it is also clear that if the West were to regain "control over the price of gold" for a while, the price of gold and silver would still have a lot of room to fall.

In the meantime, however, one has to say that due to the events surrounding the VISA affair of the ICEJ in Jerusalem and its connection to Ephraim's activities (2nd article), clarification is so imminent that the end game of debt money will then be over .

Then it will no longer be based on dollar or euro prices but only on grams.

Either way it will be exciting and if day X is at the door, then your own gold and silver inventory is fixed for the time being. So now everyone decides for themselves whether they go to the kingdom poor or rich.

As part of Jacob's community of heirs, you can definitely go into the kingdom rich and inherit. All you have to do is have the Ephi card, which you can download from get.

Silver and gold are still available here:

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And as I said, you will find the real hit of our offer in our Trust_Exchange, where you can buy gold and silver-covered certificates at the absolute best price without having the classic storage problem.

Each certificate is individually covered by us with one gram of silver or gold, which is held in our own LBMA account. Each certificate can be traded in our own trading system and company certificates are also available.

The price of the silver and gold-backed certificates is unbeatable.

You can easily and quickly join the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust:

You can gain access to the trust for a one-off membership payment of 100 euros with the Ephi-Card as a prerequisite for access. So make sure that the TrustAccount is only for EphiCard holders.

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The Trust wishes you a nice time to prepare for Sukkot! Shalom

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