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GoldSilver Week 24.-28.7.23

Was deleted by mistake, therefore published again

From the Heraeus Weekly Bulletin:


Inflation data points to further rate hikes. The next Fed meeting is later this week. After a pause at the last session, a 25 basis point rate hike is expected. Headline inflation in the US was 3.0% in June, but core inflation (excluding food and energy) was still 4.8%. In the euro zone, headline inflation fell to 5.5% in June, but core inflation rose to 5.5%, suggesting that the ECB will push through further rate hikes. The ECB meeting will follow the Fed meeting on July 27th. Higher interest rates are not necessarily good for gold, although the price has held up well considering the sharp rise in interest rates over the past few months. However, if the dollar continues to weaken, it could support gold prices. However, the price of gold in euros would be reduced by the currency movement.

After gold hit a record high in August 2020, the previous high was only marginally exceeded on two further recovery attempts. Gold rose steadily in July, but for the bull market to continue, the price needs to clearly surpass the $2,090/oz mark.


Economic headwinds impact electronics sales. Smartphone sales fell by 11% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2023 and PC sales fell by 12% (source: Canalys), although PC sales are at least up compared to the previous quarter. Silver demand for electrical and electronic equipment was 231.2 million ounces (excluding photovoltaic) last year, or about 19% of total demand (source: Silver Institute), but is likely to fall this year. However, the use of silver in photovoltaics should more than compensate for the drop in demand.

Silver is on the verge of being overbought. Further significant price gains are therefore rather difficult. $26/oz is the resistance level that could limit further gains. The recent rally has taken the gold:silver ratio down from over 84 to around 79.


Trust comment:

As long as the world remains indebted to the last day under credit money, bulls and bears will continue to battle every percentage point up or down.

The overall markets are in a threatening situation. The money supply M2 decreases dramatically

and thus continues to draw liquidity from the markets, which is why a major price slump should not come as a big surprise.

The credit default risk is increasing, which is why we could face an immense number of corporate bankruptcies.

The fundamental problem of immense exponentially increasing debt (at now colossally fast rising interest rates) is driving the world economy to a wall, which is why the sham solution of digital money is a necessity for the rulers to be able to continue to control the system and its guarantors.

In the last 4 years, as much debt has been added as in the first 221 years since the founding of the US state. Since 1969, the debt has increased sixty-three times (x 63!) and it should be clear to everyone that the world is about to explode.

Meanwhile, in Germany, which has been socialistically de-industrialized for years, people are thinking about legal siestas and cold foot baths..

..while Sodom and Gomorrah is celebrated in evangelical churches and events for teenagers..

The German press assesses the situation, after the lioness was captured by the Remo clan again by themselves, like this:

(Wildboar, Man, Democracy, Skilled Workers..)

While Germany has long since given up all sensible, sensible, economically talented and moral action, many gold and silver lovers are of course still eyeing the price and hoping for the long-awaited outbreak of the supposed CupnHandle, which we have also been writing about for years.

Gold and silver bulls dream of this price trend (in white)

with gold prices approaching $10,000 an ounce.

While the bears paint this scenario on the wall due to the liquidity constraints outlined above. (Compare WorstCaseSzenario from 7/3/2022)

At least the DXY turned up again last week exactly as we announced and forced the gold and silver prices to fall again (compare Soon we will see from 14.7.23)

The DXY has hit our low point exactly and now we will see whether it is striving to rise again permanently or whether it will continue to fall.

The crash potential is getting bigger and more threatening every week, especially for the bulls. (The chart below shows that the SP500 could soon fall sharply again like it did in 2008, also suggested by VIX and a variety of other data)

What else happened last week?

Among other things, it is worth mentioning Putin's speech to Poland, in which it becomes clear that Putin has not forgotten the original national borders of 1937 once again and that there is reason to assume that he wants to work up the insufficient clarification of WW2.

After NATO's cooperation with Zelensky reached an all-time low a week ago, Putin turns to Poland, who may have lost touch with the events of the last few years and once again let themselves be put in front of the cart.

Trump and Putin on July 7, 2017 in Hamburg. People who have followed the nation of Ephraim's extensive Zion reports (e.g. ZionElite.Biz article here) know that there is good reason for there is the assumption that Trump and Putin are working together behind the scenes, of course also when it comes to Ukraine as a hub of corruption and inhumane crimes of the deep state.

Remember Trump's words from a while ago:

Translation: "I, Donald Trump, have taken action and signed executive orders so that we can put the government on strike.

During this time we will be conducting a multi-faceted psyop for a number of reasons.

Our country has been infiltrated. Our citizens have been divided and lured into slavery.

To fix these issues, we wrote a story and produced a show/cover story.

The show will allow the American people to see what we were dealing with and in return sacrifice the people... while saving the children, renovating the financial system and exposing corruption of all forms around the world.

We are 100% on the brink. It is time.

It was bound to happen. And it's glorious. What a time we live in.


After the move to the New World, gold and silver will once again be God's real and invested money for people and anyone who is interested can already take part in the great services of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust and exchange their debt money for gold and silver with us.

It is advisable to already hold a portion of your assets (at least 10% or more, up to 50% depending on your own situation) in gold and silver, because all paper-based derivatives will reach their intrinsic value of zero at a time x).

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