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Gold & Silver & Trust News!

The Silver Institute released its FY23 silver supply and demand forecasts last week. Even though demand still exceeds supply by 140 million ounces, it is still noticeable that demand, especially in the jewelry industry, silverware and physical investments, is declining significantly compared to the previous year, which in my opinion is due to the global recession that is already occurring . Demand here has collapsed by between 22 and 48% in 2023!

The entire German summary can be read here.


The gold price is still hovering around the $2,000 mark and has not yet managed to break through sustainably upwards.

If the bulls' hopes are to be fulfilled, the price has to move up soon, otherwise there is a risk of a price drop, which could bring very good purchase prices for us, especially in the wake of the onset of recession in 2024.

But no matter how prices develop in the short term (with correspondingly harsher consequences for the individual), you can still point out this saying:

"Gold doesn't change, it's the world around it that changes" (author unknown)

This is definitely true, because in the end it's all about many do you have?


The World Gold Council recently published a nice episodic film about gold and anyone who is interested can watch it here.


Furthermore, there was a broadcast from Ephraim Media Truth on Monday, where the trust company "Torah Trance Ministry" was presented, whose certificates can now be purchased on the Trust Exchange for just 1.80 each. Of this, 1 euro investment goes to TorahTranceMinistry to plan the largest party in history on Mount Zion and 0.80 euros goes to the trust for the subsequent purchase of a gram of silver to cover the weight account.

So when you purchase the certificates, you become the owner of the underlying company shares and the underlying silver.

You can watch the show here if you haven't seen it yet. It's about the topic of music in the New Time Order of the Kingdom of Jerusalem:


Finally, today's favorite graphic for the coming crash, which will reflect the greatest destruction of liquidity in history.

The markets have been extremely deceptive lately as the upward correction waves in this bear market have been very extreme and people are clinging to the "back to normal" idea. The “fear” phase that I had already announced was delayed by another month. This makes the coming crash all the greater and only an orderly installation of Ephraim could prevent it.

@mcm_ct_usa on Twitter


Anyone who has correctly classified the signs and facts of the times knows that only gold and silver are able to maintain purchasing power, if not even increase it, as soon as the paper values come to an end, which is now getting closer and closer is to calculate. Only the introduction of a digital world currency would be able to prevent a complete collapse of credit money, which would take us back to the Stone Age, for the "elites" to prevent.

Only the reorganization of Jerusalem stands in contrast to this. This makes a historic decision more inevitable. The nation of Ephraim knows the written end, which is why we encourage everyone to create their own deposit of gold and silver in order to remain able to act in the New Age.

Be it in your own coin and bar stack in your own home or by using our weight account to accumulate any number of grams of gold and silver:

The simple Trust S certificate with one gram of silver coverage is already available on the Trust Exchange for €0.80!

You get access by opening your trust account once, which only costs 100 euros for Ephi Card holders.

In the Trust Exchange you will also find better TempleCoin prices for Trust members. This is sold there from just 13 euros per piece and its selling price is reduced to up to 11 euros per piece with a minimum purchase of 1000 pieces!

See “TempleCoins with Trust Account” in the Trust Exchange.

These prices give every Trust member a trading advantage, as TempleCoin maintains a stringent price of €15 for non-Trust customers, which is only reduced within narrow limits for larger quantities. Visit to learn more about TempleCoin pricing to external customers.

If you don't have a trust account yet, you can do this here and with an existing Ephi card. Jews only need to present their Tudadseut and can use it to create the trust account.

The trust account gives you access to our weight account, where you can physically purchase gold and silver in grams and at the LBMA spot price with only a small markup, an unbeatable service in our opinion.

If you don't have an Ephi ID card yet, you can order it here:

To set up your own home depot, here is:

25 Oz silver bars currently only 740 euros! Super bargain at the current silver price.

After testing by a customer, the result was: Highest silver content in our products compared to well-known and large manufacturers, such as Maple Leaf and others!Proof photos soon!

Here you can still find a few of the first edition of TempleCoin!

A few of the second edition are still available.

Here is the latest edition of Templecoin:

Our popular 1g GoldCard, a piece of heavenly Jerusalem:


And very important: Here you can have your coins sent to the priest according to the order of Melchizedek and to Israel to build the Sanhedrin and the 12-tribe kingdom of Israel.

The coins were recently distributed to the Israeli soldiers by the Sanhedrin Initiative and you can also support this program here: Give the soldiers the opportunity for God to watch over them so that they can fulfill the commandment to return the coin after the war is over Annual census to be submitted.

Here you can make a basic donation to help build the Sanhedrin as a court that is essential to us:

I hope everyone sees an opportunity to contribute themselves.

Check out the TempleCoin Shop for more exciting products , e.g. emboss the TempleCoin with your own motif and much more!


Only gold and silver is money, everything else is credit!


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