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Double reality of gold & silver

As a nation of Ephraim, where we see gold and silver as the real money of our own wealth cycle, in terms of the Biblical fulfillment of the written Word of God, we are faced with being in the last days of a debt money system where the markets are defined by manipulated paper gold and paper silver prices that are very very different from the real underlying value of gold and silver.

While on the one hand technical analysis indicates perhaps the greatest recession in history against the backdrop of the strongest interest rate hikes in 40 years, which would definitely bring collapsing gold and silver prices for the next few years, we are facing the greatest structural undervaluation of gold and silver, which theoretically could also break open at any time through a wide variety of occasions, which would indicate exploding gold and silver prices.

The rapid sell-offs of physical commodities in various places around the world already indicate that the current price of Au/Ag is basically too low for the real growing demand of people who want to exchange their debt money of their currencies, some of which are inflationary in various ways, into physical gold and silver.

The real gold and silver stocks are scarce, there is an undersupply in new production measured against demand, and especially in times of a declining currency system and crashing stock markets, a major capital movement of funds out of the stock or currency markets into gold and silver, could drive prices to new highs virtually overnight.

While we know that the manipulation of the markets was only possible via the inflation of the US dollar as the reserve currency, which was imposed at gunpoint on the entire world via the PetroDollar system in the last century, the question also arises as to what cause it will be that will pull the plug on the "US dollar" Ponzi scheme and also when this will happen. Virtually weekly we see hopes of the gold and silver bulls for such a cataclysmic event.

These days, for example, the gold and silver stackers' hopes are circulating that Putin could transact the sale of his oil through gold, thus severely damaging the US dollar system and driving up the price of gold. Another hope of the silver and gold bulls is that the Comex stocks will run empty, which would also make further price manipulation via paper contracts increasingly impossible, which in turn would bring exploding prices.

Even if all these structural facts are absolutely true and given and the present false fake system could collapse practically at any time and ultimately over night, the question is whether this would be allowed by the string pullers of this world in this form at all. For we of the nation of Ephraim have actually always said that only a controlled transition to a New Gold and Silver-backed currency system with an orderly cancellation of debts according to Deut. 25 is capable of not completely destroying the current infrastructure of the world. Such a reorganization with a future currency that would again be tied to gold and silver would certainly increase its purchasing power massively and exorbitantly and every investor should easily see a purchasing power increase of his holdings of x10, x50 or possibly even x 100 here.

Since we know that this point in the timeline will definitely come, this is the best reason why a regular exchange of surplus debt money will be lucrative for every investor, namely to be a made man on day X with his gold and silver stock and to profit from this biggest value jump in history or even before that to build up an alternative own system in gold and silver and to make oneself independent from the realm of the beast. Many clever people therefore build up their silver and gold stocks regularly.

While we of the nation of Ephraim believe that said Day X is very concretely related to the case of Jacob and that in the end it will be the establishment of Ephraim that will pull this plug out of the Ponzi Scheme "US Dollar", we too however are concronted with the debt money reality of today.

Gold and silver are at a crossroads for the next few weeks. While many gold and silver bulls see the current bull run as preparation for a new all-time high for next year, there is still technical data that comes to completely different conclusions and points to a years-long bear market, which in my view can basically only be prevented by the appointment of Ephraim.

Here times a few charts of other Chartisten without the many Mikado lines of my charts:

Norvast's chart: Gold Cycle Low could be years away.

Again...the current breakout wave might take gold up to 1920 dollars, silver maybe up to 26 dollars, but after that comes the next wave down which will cause pain (Starting in February).

Dimon's charts from Investing Angles sees gold falling to as low as $1000-1300 and silver at $6-8 in the next few years before it would only slowly prepare for the next breakout wave from around 2030.

All these charts would have at least one thing clear: Low purchase prices are coming our way, the only question will be who will still have cash to buy the gold and silver then.

After all, the structural problems are not going away. The inflation will continue, the next crash wave for the markets threatens starting from at the beginning of February, industry and jobs will presumably be lost straight for next year in the large style, which is congruent with the socialist agenda, as well as with the agenda of the Freemasons, which want to destroy the realm of the beast at the end.

But before that comes the next phase, which is to increase the economic tribulation and prepare for a point where a likely planned event will necessitate the need to institute a digital currency to solve the sovereign debt problem. A digital unit of account without the ability to use cash would be the final stage of enslavement, giving the elite absolute control over everyone and their assets.

This begs questions: how far will development be pushed before the Kingdom of God will take place in instatement? Will we see a time when everyone can still choose between the system of the beast and the legal system of the nation of Ephraim for the lost tribes of Israel? At least the vaccination pressure exerted with necessary Digital Vaccination ID was not yet enough for the Germans to reach out for our solution, which of course may also be due to our lack of distribution.

But will Hashem create a situation where everyone can choose between the system of the animal and our way out via the EPHI-ID-CARD and the TRUST-ACCOUNT?

And will we then have enough participants with enough holdings to sufficiently run our own wealth cycle? The Bible says yes, at least, and so we persevere in our efforts to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.


For the next few weeks, our count remains unchanged.

Gold has run as announced in November in the zone of plus 1800 and is still shortly before the next setback, to then possibly even approach the 1900 dollars by early February, where we expect the next big downward wave.

Here the article of last week where we have tried to represent the price course of the next weeks:

For silver, this could mean even rising to around $26 or possibly more by then, but the subsequent crash would be harshly disillusioning for the bulls.

However, should gold and silver sustainably break through the bearish count in the next few weeks, then right now would still be the chance for the bulls to pull gold and silver out of their years-long and threatening downtrend.

Not that I don't want them to, but whether they can do it? Because the beast, Pope Francis, still rules. A quick installation of the Firstborn Son of God alone could save the world from even worse evils.

A visible development could also play itself out in the sense that our nation strengthens to the same extent as the system of the beast increasingly and further collapses and the year 2023, one hundred years after the socialist inflation in Germany, could bring new facts with itself here. It was said not least for years from CIA insider circles that Germany will be ungovernable in 2023. Let's hope for a quick end with horror than horror without end.

In the short-term outlook, I still expect this wave for gold (silver accordingly)

From Dec 23rd the last wave could run high towards 1900-1920. Possibly also lower or higher. For silver, that could mean $26 or even more. But from the beginning of February, it should probably fall down, should not new events appear on the world stage until then.

Do you still have enough TempleCoins?

Here are even still Coins of the first issue of the year 5782, which will definitely get some collector value soon!


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