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Dollar debt relief - gold still in downtrend?

DXY has held support so far, does the DXY pull even higher?

Remember Dollarendgame!

Gold still in the downtrend or still at 1800?

Rather downtrend, otherwise at the latest after 1800 in the direction of $1400.

Euro continues downward. Currency endgame.

Trump said oil is going to $200 this year. More likely is 40 -60 dollars.

The SPX is forming a bearish flag and will sooner or later fall through to the downside.

Perhaps even sooner.

And what is our favorite candidate silver doing?

The absolute cheap buy prices are coming, the question is only when.

Have cash ready now!

Endgame Fiatmoney!

Gold and silver are money! ;-) but only physically!

So long, I hope, everyone could profit from our forecasts!

Everyone can join the Nation Ephraim and the Trust.

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