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Crash Alert now, 6 years and 66 days after Ulf's 50. ?

After 90% of market participants assumed in the last few weeks that the recent rally in the stock markets is still going higher and further and that gold and silver are also about to start their parabolic curve to the upside, which has been expected for years, it reveals now increasingly that the opposite could happen right now.

The first week of August may already be the week of financial awakening, similar to 2011, while a select few have been waiting for this perceptible process for years, if not decades.

A lot of economic data is out of the ordinary and even tops the biggest crashes in history, 2020, 2011, 2008, 2001, 1987 or even the crash of the 1930s.

Bullion banks last week added the second largest net short position in silver since 2015. The largest existed in 2018 and after that the price dropped from $17.30 to $13.80.

The dollar and yen are already strong again, while gold and silver have failed to sustain their break to the upside.

The stock market could be next.

In hindsight, the last few weeks could go down in history as the big trap.

Once prices start to fall, it will be quick.

The Great Reset is running in sync with what is happening in Israel and the US and will culminate in a point where gold and silver will once again have their genuine reinstatement as God's money. We should be through by next year.


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PS More detailed update again next week.

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