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Correct gold and silver..

As gold and silver are slowly coming to the final decision, we will soon see what could be called the last chance for the gold and silver bulls to make their dreams of a price explosion come true, however yesterday's loss of over 5% for silver signals that a sustained downturn is quite possible here.

If gold follows the strong silver decline, gold could even drop to around $1900 in the very short term.

While Germany's real estate, retail and industrial figures are just starting to take a sustained and dramatic tumble and the stock market is on the brink of the second big wave we've been waiting for, following the start of the bear market in December 2021, everything seems to be going according to plan. Remember, we are still in the biggest bubble in history, which is still in the process of bursting.

People don't want to see this reality.

While gold and silver had shown a major correction to the upside in the bear market, taking gold close to the all-time high, gold had not surpassed it.

From the Heraeus newsletter from earlier this week:

The Fed may have raised rates for the last time,Gold, however, failed to hold onto its gains. While the price of COMEX gold futures hit a new all-time high of $2,085/oz following the Fed's recent announcement, the spot price of $2,063/oz fell short of the August 2020 record of $2,075 To exceed. In its statement, the Fed did not include the phrase that additional hikes might be appropriate. However, comments from Chairman Powell indicated that the Fed does not expect a rate cut this year. Market expectations are for no rate changes in July, but are now pricing in an increasing likelihood of rate cuts from September. Lower bond yields would support higher gold prices. Technically, gold prices are diverging from the RSI, suggesting that the decline could continue in the short-term.The ECB also raised interest rates by 25 basis points at its last meeting last week. The price of gold in US dollars rose more sharply after the Fed announcement than after the ECB announcement, which did not lead to a new record for the price of gold in euros. The spot price reached €1,892/oz (€60.82/g) after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on March 8, 2022, also the euro price was higher earlier this year."

Gold has not really passed the all-time high and a downtrend, as always described by us, is still likely.

It was already apparent in the price upswing of the last few weeks that the gold and silver mines had not really participated in the brief bull run of the past few weeks, which is a strong bearish sign for gold and silver. Here, for example, First Majestic by Keith Neumeyer, still under pressure:

The Dollar Index has also found a bottom in recent weeks and, as expected, seems to be heading up again:

The gold/silver ratio also seems to be turning and is about to make its final decision, while many of the bullish forecasts for gold and silver were expecting a rapidly falling ratio here, which has not happened so far.

The euro could also fall again now, just rolling over..

The overall liquidity chart for the last 200 years:

(Let every gold silver bull remember that we are entering the biggest interest rate hike after the lowest interest rates in history. Whether you call it the Great Reset, the Global Recession or the Mother of All Crashes, the result is the same as paper prices will sooner or later collapse.)

Here is a selection of my favorite charts.

C Invest Twitter


Gold! (Edward Gofsky)

Gold Andrew Twitter

DAX (The Great Martis)

Gold again:


Gold (huge downward pressure) Here's Aerlovsky from Twitter:

Here again C invest with a Longtermcycle GoldChart

And now Silver! Fasten seat belts. If silver is to be bullish for a true $50 move, it needs to hurry and quickly turn back up at current resistance. Will this happen?

TempleCoin still says:

The absolute purchase prices are yet to come and will offer us a historic phase for subsequent purchases. We even have the opportunity for short-term low 2-digit paper prices! As we pointed out earlier, even short spikes of 6-8 dollars are possible!

At the next low, everyone should put their last available cash holdings into the moon metal at the latest, before this can lead to new purchasing power explosions.

Attention! A sudden appointment of Ephraim can always speed up and greatly change various processes here!

In general, we laid out the basic price line in our article from July 3rd, 2022 about the worst-case scenario and then repeatedly pointed out the underlying facts.

The bulls would not only have to set a real all-time high for gold in the next few weeks, but also confirm it sustainably for the bearish version to fall off the table. In my opinion, only a miracle can help here, because the liquidity pressure on the markets is just too great at the moment.

The structural physical deficit of gold and silver is unbroken but market manipulation will continue to the last few days and the purchasing power of money will continue to decrease. The Comex stocks also decrease regularly, but days with an increase in stocks are not uncommon.

So buy what you can! The Silver Squeeze is not yet complete!

New TempleCoin Shavuot issue Sanhedrin Initiative here:

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