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Conference and meeting of the tribes on Mount Zion for the Second Passover can take place! !

The meeting, as well as the trip as a whole, was a complete success so far.

First I met Rabbi Feld and Rabbi Edery today, an English video of this will be released.

After that we met Rabbi Berger on Mount Zion, who speaks only Hebrew and unfortunately there is no English video available.

However, for now, here are some pictures of today's meeting on Mount Zion.

from right to left: Rabbi Avraham Feld, Rabbi Yosef Berger vom Berg Zion, Rabbi Yosef Edery and me, Hannes Josef Antaszek.

//Sidemark: already 3 rabbis could form a small court according to Jewish law//

Info of the day: Our meeting of the tribes for the Second Passover will be able to take place on Mount Zion!

Further: Rabbi Feld as well as Rabbi Berger were added today to the Sanhedrin Initiative as Advisors. I am glad that I could mediate here!

More info about the conference soon!

After all the diplomatic efforts, there will be some time tomorrow for a bit of a touristic outlook, and on Thursday we'll be heading back to Germany.

A more detailed travel report will follow soon!


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Mt Zion

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