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Gold is strong these days, especially silver...Should this be a sustainable breakout or will we soon fall back sharply to the bottom?

Should this breakout be confirmed sustainably with the following a setback, the previous bearish forecast would be seen as invalid, but still I do not quite believe that "unfortunately".

The superior chart as follows. In green I have drawn my forecast.

We start with gold.

Gold in Dollar:

Gold in Euro:

Silver in Dollar:

(There are many analysts who even still expect a silver price of up to 7-8 dollars at a later date).

Silver in Euro:

I know that many are dreaming of a price breakout in gold and silver...and maybe that will happen, then the variant shown would be out of the race.

Should we see in the next few weeks, a sustainable rise above 2075, - dollars in gold, the bearish variant would be done. (Basically, the chart theoretically even leaves room to about 2200, - dollar and could then still come back hard).

A confirmed breakout in silver would mean that the price would rise to 26.80 or even 27 or 28 dollars and a reset would then have to hold at 25.50 at the latest, then the new lows would also be done here and the bulls would have won, but that would also have to happen first.


The global recession of the Great Reset has not yet unleashed its full force.

Almost all markets are about to be pulled down.

In May, the FED will probably end up at 5.25% interest rates, and then set a further timetable. Barring any surprises on the world stage, I expect a sharp drop in almost all markets for the next 1-2 years, which will not only cause stocks, real estate and other asset classes to plummet, but also gold and silver prices to come down even harder.

The last months were characterized by a relatively strong recovery in the markets. However, I think that the 2nd crash wave in the stock markets has just begun and that gold and silver are also about to crash out again.

If I am right, this would take us to the indicated targets in the next 15 months and test gold and silver investors hard again.

Of course, it would be nice if gold and silver made a sustained breakout now, but...?

Either way, an orderly settlement on gold and silver as the underlying basis would avoid further chaos by market participants at any point in time, otherwise the broader economic outlook for the next few years is rather unpleasant and requires everyone to put in more effort.

Important to understand is that, apart from that, the underlying process is underway to purposefully burst the debt money, the credit-driven fiat money, i.e., it will sooner or later come to the time when gold and silver, as God's money invested, will unfold their full purchasing power, that is when you can buy a whole house with just a little gold right away.

There will perhaps also occur a situation, where the one is happy, who remains capable of acting with only few silver coins and can pursue his errands, while the bank-printed paper money will lose its purchasing power completely, why it is very important just now to be able to fall back on a stock of real gold and silver coins.

Either way, by buying physical silver and gold you invest in your own economic future, because in the time after an orderly establishment of the heir, gold and silver will definitely become real money again with high, stable and reliable purchasing power for the real wealth of each individual.

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Issue year 5782

Issue year 5783


SP500 with enormous downside potential.

With regard to the dollar, we are also sticking to our forecast of a strong dollar until the final inheritance settlement.

Bitcoin had also recovered somewhat in recent weeks and people are dreaming of new heights! We still see the zero.


And for the outlook:

A successful silver bull run would soon look like this! Let's see if May has that in store.

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