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25 Oz fine silver bar (777.5 g) ready to ship in time for RoshHashana!

After the recent bad news about the TempleGold robbery in Germany, the new 25 Oz (777.5g) fine silver bars arrived last Friday in time for New Year's and are now ready to ship!

Each bar is marked with a serial number and the Jewish year of issue and they will be shipped in the order of orders.

The bar has the silver value of 100 TempleCoins and sells for €777!

This makes a good price for silver stacker and you can strike here immediately:

For the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles, you can still pay your tithe here now and we will take care of the delivery!

Schreibe einfach in die Notizen der Bestellung "Sukkot" oder "Laubhüttenfest" oder "Zehnten" und wir kümmern uns persönlich darum, dass Dein Silber in Israel ausgeliefert wird, um den Bau des 12-Stämme-Königreichs zu beschleunigen.

Shavuot Special Edition 5783 Sanhedrin:

Unsere 1Gramm GoldCard findest Du hier:


The real bang for the buck of the Ephraim National Gold&Silver Trust can be found in our Trust Exchange, where you can buy gold and silver backed certificates at the absolute best price without the classic storage problem.

Each certificate is individually backed by us with one gram of silver or gold held in our own LBMA account.

Each certificate is tradable in our own trading system and corporate certificates are also available.

The price of the silver and gold backed certificates is unbeatable with today only 67,65 for a Trust G certificate and 0,79 Euro for a Trust S certificate.

You can join the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust easily and quickly:

You gain access to the Trust for a one-time membership payment of 100,- Euro with access requirement of the Ephi-Card. So make sure that the TrustAccount is only for EphiCard holders.

If you don't have an Ephi ID Card yet, you can purchase it together with the Trust Account here for an additional 100,- Euro for the Ephi Card.

Additionally, check out the TempleCoin store for more exciting products.

The Trust already wishes you a wonderful time preparing for Sukkot! Shalom.

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