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Soon best purchase prices and travel to the country

As already announced in December, gold ran upwards until the beginning of February, only to turn around again. Even if this presumed bear market rally was stronger than we expected, we assume that gold will now run south again and could still bring us absolute purchase prices this year.

Silver had already topped a bit before gold and you can see very nicely in the silver euro chart how silver has turned back down for weeks without breaking the upper boundary. The best opportunity for the favorable silver purchase should possibly already come in a few months and it could well be that we see new lows for silver.

The DXY has also made its low as expected in early February, even if that was somewhat lower than expected and should now run north again.

What could get in the way of the gold bears, would be further aggressive interest rate increases by the ECB, which could bring more pressure on the dollar than expected, however, other currencies such as the yen or the Chuan are on the verge of sliding further into worthlessness, which should stabilize the DXY.

Even though we know that the fundamentals for gold and silver are good, the global recession that is now coming is threatening to almost every type of asset.

Liquidity in any form is being pulled out of the market and is thus missing from the system.

Also, real estate prices are already reacting to rising interest rates and also the yield curve will rather not flatten in the medium to long term, but, will continue to increase, just as inflation is also not to be cured so quickly.

Thus we are in the biblical scenario of a general destruction of all paper-driven assets and we have pointed out again and again that any purchasing power at a certain point in time X will fall back exclusively into gold and silver, which is why the purchasing power of gold and silver will explode at certain point in time x.

Everyone will then want to be equipped with gold and silver in physical form to preserve their ability to act.

While we do not know when we will bring day X into reality together with the Father and how that is also related to our own activities, the right timing means to definitely take advantage of the next wave of favorable entry prices, as the next low could possibly already be the final low.

If a silver price of 18 euro per ounce is already relatively probable, then still deeper lows could well appear and possibly even a silver purchase price of 15-18 euro could well still arise.

This would be the absolute top opportunity for every trust customer to then convert his paper money into silver backed trust certificates on a large scale and thus invest in the development of our various business areas.

For at the same time our planning of our next steps and activities in the country itself is taking more concrete shape. Ephraim has now received the OK from the authorities to enter the country and the recent developments in the alliance with our Jewish brothers gives much concrete reasons to further advance our issues in the country itself.

Just a few of the concrete steps that should be worked out during our next trips:

  1. Establishing a location in the country , presumably as an entry level location near Rabbi Edery so that he can also use the location as an office for the Sanhedrin Initiative.

  2. Activation of Israel Monthly, Ulf's old publication department in the country.

  3. Visit to the Knesset with advance notice regarding anti-Semitism against non-Jews, preparation of our entry papers, and possible meeting with Finance Minister Smodrich regarding our TempleCoin factory.

  4. Visit to the mayor of Ariel regarding our TempleCoin factory

  5. General informational talks regarding Ephraim and Judah, rabbi contacts, etc.

  6. Local TempleCoin distribution, new doors, networking.

In addition, the constant care of our warm-hearted contacts in the country, especially Rabbi Edery, who deserves support from us in many ways, as well as the visit of the general synagogue of Rabbi Gagula in Haifa and the expansion of diplomatic relations.

As has been shown in years in the Federal Republic, we alone are not able to get our rights to practice our religion guaranteed here, which is why a joint development with the Jews, and especially with Chabad, can and will bring us rapidly forward here, especially since even the connection to the new Israeli government has been established.

For these travel activities, which are already planned for the next weeks, you can also support us via the investment in TempleCoin certificates, which will definitely be worthwhile for every investor.

The TempleCoin has already been included in the portfolio of the Sanhedrin Initiative, is increasingly known to people in the country and is guaranteed to make its triumphal march through any communities as payment for the temple.

Just investing in our factory should guarantee any investor a return later on.

If you also want to participate in building our Zion-centered business, you can buy TempleCoin certificates here and now.

To each gram-covered certificate comes the investment sum of 1 euro, which we can also use for our planned activities.

Today, the TempleCoin certificates are already available for 1.77 in the TrustExchange!

However, pay attention that these are only available for trust account holders!

You can make an account here.

If you don't have an Ephi ID card yet, you can get both together here:

(Jews can use there Tudadseut instead of the Ephi Card)

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