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Shabbat Shalom a little late..

For my friend Rabbi Yosef Edery from the Sanhedrin Initiative as soon as possible the english translation of my last offer.

Just in time for the 3-year anniversary of the first issue of TempleCoin today on August 11th, 2023, this offer of all 3 Issues of the Silver TempleCoin:

All 3 editions of the Silver TempleCoin in one package and a 15% discount!

Get it, nobody knows how long it's valid for, not even the trustee.

3 Coins for One Price!


Since our last DXY chart on July 14th it has happened as we suspected..

and the DXY had a nice rally which pushed down gold and silver prices.

Next week it will be exciting how things will continue, because it has not yet been said whether the DXY will pull through to the top! If it falls, gold could quickly rebound above $2000...but will it happen?

The GoldSilver weekly charts in Pdf

GoldSilver DXY 11th of August 23
Download PDF • 4.24MB

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