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Payment channel from the nations directly to the Holy Land!

TempleCoin is proud to announce that the first official shipment of a total of 7.775 kg of fine silver bars from the Nations to the Holy Land is made after the first Jewish orders of our gold and silver products were received.

All shipping and customs processing is handled by us and every customer in the Holy Land can now pick up our products directly from our Embassy of the Nation of Ephraim in Quazrin within 10 days of receipt of the order as long as normal air traffic is secured.

Since the availability of gold and silver products in Israel is somewhat scarce and limited to very few suppliers, the establishment of this shipping route is a huge step towards bringing the wealth of the nations to Israel and making this possible at attractive prices.

Check out our TempleCoin shop to also find silver and Order gold for yourself.


The markets have received the escalation in the Holy Land relatively calmly.

Gold and silver have risen somewhat since then, but not beyond the normal correction, after a bottom was found last week at around 1811 dollars before the invasion and it was already expected that gold would move up somewhat after gold had previously just lost around 100 dollars.

Depending on how further developments take shape and Israel's enemies now gather in a Ring of Fire around Israel (at the same time as the Ring-Of-Fire solar eclipse on October 14, 2023), this can of course increase the price of gold will continue to heat up in the next few weeks.

Still, the bottom line is that new lows for gold and silver could still be ahead as liquidity continues to be drained from the markets in this biggest reset in history. (Read WorstCaseScenario for current general background in the world economy)

Nevertheless, it should be clear to everyone that the current escalation is not only part of a long series of historical planning by key actors who planned based on the Bible, but that the Bible is also being fulfilled directly in our time with its implementation.

A final destruction of the enemies of Israel is directly related to the great day of the Lord and the final appearance of the Messiah, which has never been more than now.

The interested reader read Sarchaiah 9 and 12 or Ezekiel 37,38,39 or Isaiah 1 and 4 or Daniel 12 to read live what happens.

We are facing the final judgment of God after we had already inaugurated the New Covenant between Ephraim and Judah on Mount Zion last year, which was also the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.


As long as God's judgment is not yet 100% complete, we are still forced to use the debt currencies of the central banks in the final stages and I found a nice silver chart for this yesterday:

Even if it is clear that silver, as the most undervalued material in the world (which is also God's money), is currently trading at completely undervalued paper money prices and is on the verge of an explosion in purchasing power, I still do not think it is impossible that we Silver will see a final price drop to $11-19, where it is still impossible to predict the exact bottom today. There could also be a final downturn for gold that will take us below the last low from September 22 and then at the latest offer a final buying opportunity, but since no one knows whether this final downturn will ever come, it would be much better to get in now!

The fact is that everything at current purchase prices offers a last historical buying opportunity before the value explodes and everyone should be encouraged to quickly exchange their excess debt money into God's money before there is nothing left of these derivatives.

Finally, the settlement in debt money currencies will collapse and only the pure gram quantities available will count.


We offer you the simplest and most elegant way to create your own gold and silver portfolio via our trust exchange, where we book gold and silver into your own weight account for you. There you can find a gram of gold for 66.66 euros and a gram of silver for 0.77 euros, which you can also trade in certificate form in our own trading circuit.

Each holder will be additionally rewarded at the end through the trading profit we expect from producing the biblical silver TempleCoin.

The recently initiated Temple Treasury under Levitical management will ultimately hold our holdings in the depot in Jerusalem with the clarification of the inheritance law matter of Jacob, location Temple Mount.

Especially in these times, everyone should be aware that we are close to the final clarification of our legal case that has been going on for years, at the same time as today's Fifth Sanhedrin Conference in the Golan, in which Ephis and Jews are equally involved.


Make your own Teshuvah here, order TempleCoins for yourself or your loved ones.

Shavuot Special Edition Sanhedrin:

You can find our 1Gramm GoldCard here:

Access to the trust to trade silver and gold on your weight account is available for a one-off membership payment of 100 euros with access to the Ephi Card. So make sure that the TrustAccount is only for EphiCard holders.

If you don't have an Ephi ID card yet, you can get it here together with the trust account for an additional 100 euros for the Ephi card.

Also take a look at the TempleCoin Shop for other exciting products .


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