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Exchange your tithe for silver for the Feast of Tabernacles

For centuries it was not possible to accurately follow and carry out Moses' instructions.

The nation of Ephraim has taken a giant step by providing the Silver TempleCoin so that Moses' payment instructions can also be carried out in the correct manner, especially now at Sukkot!

Watch this small original video of the priest according to the order of Melchizedek with his own setting of the most important passages about tithing from the Book of Deuteronomy.

Whoever hears the voice of the Son of God will live...for the Word became flesh!

  1. Exchange your tithe for silver (e.g. on and bring the silver to the place whom the Lord your God will choose (Book a flight to Israel and take your silver with you.

  2. Buy whatever you want, cattle, wine, fermented drink or whatever you want and give the Lord an exhilerating feast.

Our representatives from our Embassy of the Nation of Ephraim in the Holy Land will show you our cooperation partners who accept your silver as payment in order to fulfill this commandment according to Moses in a concrete and accurate manner.

Now nothing stands in the way of the real party!

You too turn away from the false commandments and start doing what is written in the Bible!

If the cities the Lord will choose for you are too far for you and you are unable to travel to Israel this year, we at will ensure that your tithe is in the land in time for Sukkot arrives. Simply write "Sukkot" or "Festival of Tabernacles" or "Tithe" in the order notes and we will personally take care of bringing your tithe to Israel to reinstate the 12-tribe kingdom there.

If you do not write a note in the orders, the silver will be delivered to you and you can bring it to Israel yourself and fulfill the commandments of the Lord.

For larger tithe payments, you can also order the new 777.5g fine silver bar from TempleCoin and it will be placed in the future Temple Treasury in Israel as God's storehouse. The same applies here: Write a note in the order that we should arrange delivery to Israel, otherwise we will ship the order to you.

The Shavuot edition and our popular 1G Goldcard are also available:

You can also join the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust:

You can acquire access to the trust for a one-off membership payment of 100 euros with the access requirement of the Ephi Card. So make sure that the TrustAccount is only for EphiCard holders or Jews with Tudadesut.

If you don't have an Ephi ID card yet, you can get it here together with the trust account for an additional 100 euros for the Ephi card.

Also take a look at the TempleCoin Shop for other exciting products .

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