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"Deutschland" by Rammstein now has 255 million views

The Berlin-based band Rammstein is not only one of the most successful German bands abroad, but also the most successful international German-speaking band.

If Rammstein had already started a geographical tour with the strong songs "Amerika" or "Moskau", it is only logical that as Germans they also address the special topic GERMANY.

Even if many clever people around the world have already picked up that Germany holds the key to world peace, as only true enemystate to the UN but it only becomes a real shoe if you know the Bible and follow Ephraim's explanations of the long and important German history. ("Germany, so young and yet so old").

While Rammstein's artistic expression isn't for everyone, the text and video capture some powerful scenes from Germany's long history. I rate the lines "Germany, your love is a blessing and a curse, Germany, I can't give you my love" as aptly considering the serious suffering that went through some German families in the 20th century alone.

Only in Düsseldorf, the BirthTown of Ephraim, were falling 225.000 Bombs in 80 Minutes on 6/12/1943.

But whether the text writer Till Lindemann knows that it is God's love that works by keeping his commandments and that it is his curse, which, if the Torah is not kept, is 7 times stronger than the blessing, which happened to Ephraim or those who later emerged from him the Gentiles? Ephraim became an idolater who had not kept the commandments of God, and because of this 2730 years of curse fell on him in 734 BC, which is why this punishment was only over in 1996. Luckily Ephraim ended up then in the Holy Land also.

Überheblich, überlegen
Übernehmen, übergeben
Überraschen, überfallen
Deutschland, Deutschland über allen
Arrogant, superior
Take over, hand over
Surprise, surprise
Germany, Germany above all

Presenting the art goddess Germania in Rammstein's video as a black woman may be more appropriate than some would like, because not only the more than one hundred year old Germania rowing club across from me now offers the Germania pizza with sheep's cheese and olives from the Turkish operator, the black Germania fits also to the foreign infiltration that has taken place in recent years through the joint agenda of Mutti (Merkel) and George Soros in consultation with Pope Francis, which was expressed in the momentous migrant pact. The very concrete fact that the black wife of Ephraim did not accept her husband as Christ and that was the start of the problems and that this also happened in Babylon Berlin, where Satan's throne is, we still consider insider knowledge based on today's knowledge, but not too much anymore Long.

In the final scene, the limits of taste are certainly reached for many, when the blood-red priest with the oxen helps Germania as an obstetrician in the crib-like NASA stable, so that the latter gives birth to a pack of German shepherds smeared with blood. The blood cult in the Catholic Church, which escalated with Thomas Aquinas, combined with his power structure to a blood-red trail of violence with probably the most fatalities in history, the 1000-year-old Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation existed for 844 years, but the German tribes were already oppressed. At the latest after the end of the Third Reich, the German shepherd dog, as breeding specimen No1, rose to the "free world" together with German knowledge about fascism, propaganda and rocket technology. I feel the same way with the Rammstein video: many things about the facts that we Ephis became aware of from Ephraim's revelation seem to be burned into people's cultural consciousness, but still without complete clarity, which is only possible through the Bible. Things often work unfinished for the people because the final key to knowledge is missing, namely that the Bible is the true word of God, on which the story unfolded from the beginning. At the latest after Jesus, the Germans can be recognized as the Gentiles and the Jews, the two main brothers Joseph and Judah, same as a lot famous of both of them lived in germany through all centuries, but especially also in the 18th, 19th and 20th mention just rothschild, marx or warburg and many many other jews who lived in Germany..same as there is a lot talk, even from the jewish side, that even Hitler could have been a half jew.

But only in this and our time the first-born heir Ephraim provided us with the proof that the Bible is true. When will others recognize this and will God show His mercy to them? Till Lindemann could also be the example of an Israelite who, without realizing that the Torah is true, had no chance of keeping it, but it now only depends on God's grace whether a conversion can still take place. I don't think it's out of the question and God's grace is great. Funnily enough, I found out yesterday that Rammstein's first band name happened to be "Tempelprayers".

In the following video "Get up", which may come across as a bit too coarse for many, (although some are deader than others and others may need it a little harder sometimes), I can at least see the author's desire for the Bible to be true. If Till Lindemann knew this, one could say to him: the resurrection has already taken place and the Christ, Ephraim, is already there. But the resurrection of the dead did not come as many would like it and no dead people come out of cemetary graves. But there has been still apocalyptic riders. I had to think of Ephraim at second 50: "we could... do much...". Think of the fiery furnace of the sometimes long last days and the agonizingly slow reality of hindrance through all sorts of circumstances and the disabilities visible everywhere, be it your own or those of others and be it just at a band rehearsal of 3 people, where everyone does what he or she does want...and still no peace, especially between Ephraim and Judah


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PS just saw that Rammstein played half a day before I wrote the article in the birthplace of Ephraim (born 25.5.67), in Düsseldorf, just in time for their song's 255 million views Germany.

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