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Banners for all nations on Mount Zion

Rabbi Edery and Rabbi Berger of Mount Zion invite the tribes and Ephraim to Holy Mount Zion for the Second Passover!

A banner will be produced for this, which makes our official event clear on Mount Zion:

On the afternoon of May the 4th (May the 4th be with you), the following timetable developed by Rabbi Berger and Rabbi Berger will lead through the event from 11:30 a.m.:

1.Shofar blowing ceremony. תקיעות כבראש השנה

2. הגדה של פסח Peshach Sheni ceremony with hagadah reading, Eating Matsos and more.

3.ברכת כהנים– Kohanim = priests bless the congregation (if we have a minyan)

4.– עוד יבוא היום ונשתה יחדיו לחיים songs of praise to hashem for the past progress and the great future.

5.חתימת חוזה תחת תורת השם – ופתרון בעיות תחת הסנהדרין – Signing of Advisors, Judges and all present under Hashem's torah.

TempleCoin thanks Rabbi Edery and Rabbi Berger for their great commitment to preparing for the Second Passover on Mount Zion for a Tribal Meeting to rededicate the 12 Tribe Kingdom and restore the Davidic Dynasty:

All spontaneous participants are cordially invited to take part in our event in Jerusalem. For further information please contact


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Silver is still more than scarce, the real supply is far below the demand and if the price falls soon, silver as such will soon no longer be available. That's why everyone should now use the time to put coins or certificates aside.

The Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust is proud of its current offering of silver backed trust companies to invest in with the Trust now.

Each certificate is covered by a gram of silver in your weight account plus an investment share in the company that makes you a co-owner.

At our business meeting in May, these burgeoning ventures will take their next step in Zion-centered displacement. The day is coming when these ventures will explode, so invest now!

For lovers of physical goods, there are 1/4 ounce TempleCoins in fine silver in a practical size.

Issue 5782

Issue 5783

Here is the Golden TempleCoin of the year 5782:

A piece of heavenly Jerusalem in the practical GoldCard:

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See you soon in Jerusalem! Shalom!

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