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Best gold and silver buying prices already now!

Small update!

The world is entering the final transitional period between paper debt notes of the Whore of Babylon, which is falling to reinstate the real money of God, gold and silver.

No one knows when Day X is approaching, but the events in Israel are absolutely synchronized with the business connection and cooperation between the nation of Ephraim and the Sanhedrin initiative of the House of Judah, led by Rabbi Edery, to reinstate the Sanhedrin as a jurisdiction according to the laws of God.

As Shavuot this year falls on 25.5.2023, the same day Rothschild presents the further plan for his company Concordia to his shareholders, everything looks like that also the gold and silver prices will make the final downward trend in the next weeks, where every Ephi and all those who want to become one, can finally stock up to increase their own gold and silver holdings for the 1000 year coming kingdom of peace.

It should have understood each reader: So cheaply as now there will be gold and silver soon for centuries no more. Right now, all it takes is a few IOUs from the printing press to buy completely undervalued grams of gold and silver, whether in the form of coins, bars, TempleCoins or gram-based certificates in your trust trading account!

We don't know 100% if the following charts will play out, but we may soon get very favorable purchase prices for gold and silver and perhaps this will be the final time before the transition to the New World plays out for all to see and the purchasing power of gold and silver will finally explode.

Different theories let us come to the assumption of still occurring favorable prices, but there is also always room for another development, why also every price at the present time already represents a good purchase price, measured against the future. The temporal development for the future is always difficult to estimate anyway, we only know that Jerusalem is the apple of God's eye and he is in the process to finally restore the 12 tribes kingdom of Israel.

We see this best in the Holy Land, where the democratic socialists are right now already afraid that their self-made utopia will perish in the face of the reality of the Bible.

The Ultra-Orthodox Jews are now in government and every God-fearing person recognizes the need for a functioning court to judge according to God's laws and bring justice to the earth.

That is why we are very forward with our support for the Sanhedrin Intiative and everyone can get involved here to bring the great work of the New Covenant between Ephraim and Judah forward.

Join the Sanhedrin Shares here:

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Daily price of TrustS certificates covered with one gram of silver is only 0.76 Euro today!

The TempleCoin certificates you get today already for 1.76!

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Have you already paid your Temple tax for the year 5783?

This is due from the 1st Adar (20.February) and should be paid until Purim.

Who forgets it has then still 2 weeks time to approx. 20.3.

Your annual TempleTax- A TempleCoin to Israel - 7,775g fine silver

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