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Overview of the Ephraim Virtual Real Empire


Central platform of the Community of Heirs of Jakob - Ephraim Media Truth 

Torah club

Zion Elite Academy -

The digital classroom for all of Israel

Who is Ephraim - entry for everyone

Israel store

Main hub for all Ephraim products


Connect with the King in Case of Torah Empowered Business, Purpose Driven Technology, G-Money and Media-Truth, Blog

The Holy Weed Foundation

Holy Weed Cannabossem

for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

Elite Plus 24

Learn how to become king - Final settlement processing - Harsewinkel

Ulf Diebel

Blog of Ulf Diebel

Purpose Driven Technology

Zion Wiki

Word explanations and definitions of the terms around Ephraim

Gold/SilverAccount of the Erbengemeinschaft Jakob

Gold/SilverAccount of the Erbengemeinschaft Jakob

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